Effective Tips to Deal with 5 Tricky Situations at Camping

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There’s no doubt that camping is fun. It takes you to a different world far away from the city’s hustle-bustle, full of peace, serenity and purity, and re-energizes you to deal with your daily routine back again with a new vitality. However, sometimes roaming cheerily in the wilderness can put you in dangerous situations if you are not very careful. Here are some tips which will help you avoid or deal with such situations.

Dealing with Stormy Weather

You might have heard survival stories of other campers how they went camping and a storm rolled in. Their experiences can make you learn a lot. Storms may include wind, rain or snow or all these and can soon turn your campsite useless. Here are a few things you can do to cope up with it.

  • Keep everything you can tied down, such as your tent, chairs, cook stoves and coolers to protect them from getting blown away in the wind
  • Carry your clothes in waterproof bags. When storm arrives, try to keep your clothes dry by placing them inside the bags
  • Change your clothes to dry ones only after the storm has passed
  • As far as possible, keep everything else too in waterproof bags
  • If you’ve fortunately taken your vehicle on your camping trip, move things you don’t need immediately inside your vehicle
  • Keep important items covered with a tarp
  • Carry waterproof matches, no-cook foods and rain gear on camping

Dealing with Medical Emergencies

You or your fellow campers can get sick or injured in a lot of possible ways while camping. Such situations may include drinking polluted water, slipping on a rock or dirt road, insect bites, animal attack or fire burns. To deal with such situations, essentially carry a first aid kit and learn basic first aid techniques while you are preparing for your camping trip. Also keep emergency number saved on your phone. If situation goes beyond your control, you can take their help.

Medical Emergencies

Dealing with Getting Lost

Wilderness is notorious for making people get lost, and it can be a deadly situation. Read survival stories of people who got lost and you can imagine the seriousness.

The best way to avoid this is to avoid traveling far away from your campsite without a partner. Minimize the risk of your kids getting lost by giving them whistles to wear around their necks, so that you can find them easily. Making them wear glow necklaces or bracelets is also a good idea to find them in the dark.

Try to locate a major landmark such as a power line, an extraordinarily big tree, a boulder etc. and stay by it so that you can tell rescuers your exact position. Still better, keep writing your name or initials on such landmarks on the way with a chalk or knife so that you can find your way back or rescuers can find them and reach you.

Last but not the least, don’t forget your compass. Learn how to use it and carry it with you always.

Getting Lost

Dealing with Criminals

Yes, it’s a sad situation but it can happen. Thieves can raid your campsite while you’re away and steal important items like food, pricey gear etc. It’s best to lock all your important items before leaving for a trail or hike. While securing campsite before leaving, lock windows and doors, and secure bikes and other equipment.

Dealing with Running Out of Food

This can happen if your planning for the trip is wrong. But it can happen even due to a hungry animal visiting your campsite and feasting on your food. Try to carry an emergency food supply for such situations. But once you break in it, don’t forget to replenish it after returning from the trip.

Running Out of Food

Follow these tips to avoid problematic situations. After all, your ultimate aim while camping is fun. Don’t let it get spoiled.

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