Top Things You Need to Make Your Camping Trip Truly Enjoyable


An outdoor trip once a week or two has become a necessity today because city life has become so hectic. Especially a camping trip offers you an experience of being on the lap of nature, breathing in pure air, going away from the manmade world of problems and getting refreshed altogether. However, without getting prepared we can’t enjoy even a camping trip, and of course not nature, pure air and all those good things that come with them. Wondering where to start? Here are a few tips.

Camping Tent

Let’s face it, wandering in the nature is strenuous. We need to replenish the energy we lose in walking, hiking, biking and doing other activities. So, we need a goodnight sleep. So, the first thing you should pack with you is a good camping tent. Thanks to the popularity of outdoor trips, various types of tents are available today including beach tent, car roof top tent and so on. Depending on the location of your outdoor camping trip, you can choose your tent. But whatever type you choose, see to it that it offers optimum protection to you and your luggage from wildlife and elements. Other factors to consider are size and weight of the tent, material, ease of installation, and of course price. Do research, ask your family and friends for recommendations, read reviews and you’ll get the best camping tent for you.

camping tent


Just as sleep is your necessity to revive your lost energy in outdoor activities, food is also a necessity, because without food, you can’t survive even in nature. And of course, having food together with your friends and family in the beautiful natural environment is a unique experience, something we can hardly do in the busy city life. Some items you should essentially pack with you are:

Stove, cookware and utensils: Even if you don’t pack foods that need to cook, you’ll need to warm whatever you carry, for which you’ll need stove, cookware and utensils.

Snacks for the road: Carry healthy snacks for the road, like fruits, nuts, energy bars etc. so as to maintain yours and your kids’ energy.

Water: Water is an absolute essential. Many campsites provide drinking water, but it’s recommended to carry your own water so as to prevent dehydration just in case.

Other Essential Items

Apart from getting prepared for getting good sleep and eating, you should also get prepared for avoiding getting lost in the wilderness and running out of power, and protecting from wildlife.

Portable GPS: Getting lost in the wilderness seems horrible. Add a paper or digital map to your portable GPS to stay safe to have knowledge of where you exactly are.

Solar Lanterns, Torches, Flashlight: If you’re not experienced enough, you can’t imagine how dark it is in the wilderness after the nightfall. Carry ample sources of light as mere moonlight can’t help you find the way.

Solar Chargers: Even if you make arrangements for the above gadgets, it’s in vain if they run out of charge. Hence, don’t forget to carry chargers for them.

Pocket Knives: They are versatile enough to be used just for everything from cutting food to cutting branches coming in your way while trekking.

Bug Repellent Spray: Another absolute essential.

Medications: Apart from your specific medications, carry your first aid box with medications useful for cuts, burns and bug bites, gauges, cotton swabs, a small pair of scissors etc.

Prepared with all these items, you can enjoy your trip in a true sense. Happy camping!

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