15 Must-have Accessories for Camping to Make Your Trip Fun and Memorable

accessories for camping

Let’s admit it, although we love to go camping once in a while, we live in cities for the rest of our lives and are habituated to many of the comforts the city life gives us, and so, we cannot stand the hardships outdoors can impose on us. But there’s nothing wrong in it. After all, we go camping for enjoyment and not to experience the adversities of the wilderness.

Fortunately, today there are so many items we can take with us on camping that will make our life easy and enjoyable in the woods and mountains. Here are some must-have accessories for camping you should consider carrying on your next camping trip.

1. Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade

If you’re on beach holidays, when you’re tired after hours of swimming or playing with sand and waves, you certainly need a restful shelter and this Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade gives you the desired protection from sun’s harmful UV rays and privacy to change wet clothes. This versatile shade can also work for you as a mesh window, door or wall. It also has a front awning to provide you extra shade. It has storage mesh pockets for keeping water bottles and other small things.

Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade

2. Coleman Tent Stakes

When you want to enjoy sleeping in a tent in the wilderness, you also want to make sure your tent is secure so that you can sleep peacefully inside. Here are Coleman steel tent stakes with attractive green and silver colors. These are strong stakes and can take beatings from heavy mallets. They are versatile enough to allow you to hook your tent’s stake loop to one side or thread a guyline through the other side.

Coleman Tent Stakes

3. Reliance Solar-Spray Portable Shower

Imagine you roamed in the jungles for the whole day. You enjoyed a lot. But you sweated a lot too. What would you need the most after returning to your base? A refreshing hot shower? You can get it if you have this amazing Reliance Solar-Spray Portable Shower! It has the largest shower head of any solar shower units and so, offers you maximum water flow for a great feeling of cleanliness. The unit takes around two and a half hours to heat water to around 100°F (37°C). The tank has an ergonomic handle so you can carry it easily, whereas with the cord and S-hook you can hang it with ease too. Due to its kink-resistant lengthened hose, you can use it in a shower shelter too. So, no more unclean feeling and no more odors after a long trek or jungle walk!

Reliance Solar-Spray Portable Shower

4. Alpine Mountain Gear Collapsible Silicone Washing Container

Although we can carry disposable items on camping, we need to take some permanent items with us like knives, food containers etc. So, we have to keep them clean in order to avoid germ buildup and odor. Plus, you also need to wash your fruits and veggies. How often you’ve felt the need of a washing container on your camping trips? I am sure, many times! To make your life easy, here’s the Alpine Mountain Gear Collapsible Silicone Washing Container. It’s made of BPA-free, food-grade silicone material and therefore you can wash any food items in it without worry. It’s quite spacious too to fit in your large containers and it’s also collapsible so that you can easily carry it in your luggage without fuss. So convenient!

Alpine Mountain Gear Collapsible Silicone Washing Container

5. Coghlans Tablecloth Clamps

In your city home, have you ever longed for a relaxed morning, afternoon or evening, when you’d be sipping a beverage while watching the beauty of nature, sunrise or sunset with a nice setup of snacks and cutlery on the table in front, on a beautiful tablecloth? Well, in your camping trip, your dream is definitely going to come true, but of course, if you carry a table and a tablecloth. Here’s something useful for you – Coghlans Tablecloth Clamps which you certainly need when a forceful breeze in the wilderness or on the beach can blow away your tablecloth and the delicious setup on it. This is a pack of 6 rust-resistant clamps along with a tablecloth that will let you enjoy your laid-back tea party on the lap of nature.

Coghlans Tablecloth Clamps

6. UST Heritage Campfire Kit

A camping trip without a campfire is like a song without music. There’s nothing more fun than the moments when you and all your near and dear ones sit around a fire and chat, laugh, sing, dance and enjoy delicious foods and drinks. To offer you this joy, here’s UST Heritage Campfire Kit which contains everything you need to start a campfire, tucked in a charming burlap carrying bag. The set includes the Heritage SparkLite, which can start fire even in the worst conditions. Cook food, make tea and coffee, warm yourself on cold nights, keep wild animals away – your campfire is not only fun, but have so many uses.

UST Heritage Campfire Kit

7. Coleman 4 Pk Waterproof Matches

Here’s another aid for you to start a campfire. These Coleman 4 Pk Waterproof Matches light even if they are wet. Their heads are extra-large and waterproof and so, ensure a quick flame with the waterproof striking surface. Hence, now no precipitation can hold you back from having a campfire!

Coleman 4 Pk Waterproof Matches

8. Smokehouse BBQ Pellets

You’ve taken raw foods with you to cook it on your camping trip. But how about a BBQ? Yes, BBQ has its own charm and deliciousness and if you can offer the much desired smoky flavor to the food, there’s nothing like it. The Smokehouse BBQ Pellets will help you achieve this smoky flavor. These are made from 100% natural hardwoods with no additives and they burn for a long, long time. No matter what kind of grill you’re using, these pellets are useful to you.

Smokehouse BBQ Pellets

9. Alpine Mountain Gear Percolator

It’s amazing to start your day with a vista of sunrise on the horizon, chirping of birds, fragrance of the jungles and a mug of steaming hot coffee in your hand! You can enjoy it with this Alpine Mountain Gear Percolator which can make 8 cups of coffee for you and your dear ones, as quickly as you wish, thanks to its quick heating rust-resistant enamel-coated steel material, which needs less time and less heat to make the coffee.

Alpine Mountain Gear Percolator

10. CanCooker Seasoning Sampler Packet

Whether you are at your home or at your campsite, good food is a must. To make your food extremely delicious CanCooker presents this CanCooker Seasoning Sampler Packet which contains five amazing seasoning blends including Original Seasoned Salt, Butter Garlic Seasoning, Onion Pepper Seasoning, Original Creole Seasoning and All-Purpose Seasoning, which adds a tasty zing to your foods and make your camping super-exciting.

CanCooker Seasoning Sampler Packet

11. Chums Hex Roll-Up Accessory Case

There are so many small items we have to carry on camping trip. These may include small tools, twines, match boxes, personal care items and so on. These things are so small that they can be easily misplaced or you may not remember where you’ve placed them as they cannot be easily seen. Chums Hex Roll-Up Accessory Case helps you organize all these tiny items in one place so that you can easily find them whenever needed. This case is made from water-proof strong material and is very convenient to use.

Chums Hex Roll-Up Accessory Case

12. Classic Generator Cover

You need a generator at your campsite in order to perform all your routine tasks at nighttime without the inconvenience of lack of electricity. However, you never think of keeping your generator clean and free from dust, debris and weather elements. Here’s the Classic Generator Cover which helps you keep your generator safe from any damage. It’s waterproof and thus, your generator can work well even in the rains when covered by it.

Classic Generator Cover

13. Coleman Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan

While wilderness can be cold, it can even be extremely hot at times, which you might have experienced so many times. And then you remembered the fan in your home and wished you had a fan at your camp. But now you can actually have one – the Coleman Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan! This fan even has a light and so, it meets your ventilation as well as lighting needs. You just have to attach its magnetic plate to the steel plate of your tent anywhere you want and enjoy the cool breeze. The soft, foam blades ensure the safety of children.

Coleman Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan

14. Alpine Mountain Gear Map Compass

A good compass is very essential while being in the wilderness in order to be on the right track and not get lost. The Alpine Mountain Gear Map Compass with adjustable declination tool ensures you find your destination. The compass contains luminous points, red orienting arrow for easy reading, map and guide magnifying lens, along with a clinometer, an anti-slip plate, and a 1:24,000 scale and 1:50,000 scale. So, you can now rest assured that you won’t be lost and will be safe.

Alpine Mountain Gear Map Compass

15. Yukon Charlie FlipOut Trekking Pole

If you are a trekker and are planning to spend most of your time during camping trip exploring the trails your campsite has to offer, this YK Flip Out Trekking Pole will be a lot of use to you. This is a three-piece carbon pole with a fast-locking feature that adjusts to changing terrain and various users. It’s also collapsible so that you can easily carry it in your luggage.

Yukon Charlie FlipOut Trekking Pole

FeetOutdoors.com has an unending array of accessories for camping you should go through. You’ll find many items that will make your camping fun and memorable.

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