Useful Tips For Buying a Great Camping Table

Camping Table

Why do we go camping? If you think on this, a lot of things may come to your mind, like to observe and feel the nature, to breathe in fresh air and give your muscles some vigorous exercise and thus a dose of health, and so on. However, camping is all about spending some quality time with your loved ones and enjoy the atmosphere. The main role played here is that of a camping table around which everyone can sit and have food, chat, laugh, and even play card games or board games. Without such a table, you may find your camping trip incomplete, and so, a good camping table is just as important as a tent or a camping van.

But with so many choices around, how do you choose a camping table just suitable to you? Let’s give you a few tips about what to look for and what not.

1. Material

To make things a lot easy, start first considering the material! Camping tables are mainly made of aluminum, wood or cloth.

1) Wood:

Wooden camping tables come with some biggest benefits like exceptional quality, excellent looks and outstanding style. When you’re looking for an exquisite camping atmosphere, you want to choose a wooden camping table. However, you should also remember its drawbacks like heaviness, no moisture resistance and proneness to mold.

Wooden camping table

2) Aluminum Alloy:

The aluminum alloy camping tables don’t come with the drawbacks of wooden ones like heaviness and difficulty in portability. Plus, they have a good stability and so, are safe to set on any ground. They are lightweight and easily portable; hence if light camping is your main goal, you better choose an alumium alloy camping table.

aluminum alloy camping table


If you’re looking for something really lightweight, a fabric-covered camping table should be your first choice. However, remember that you won’t get a good bearing capacity and stability in them.

fabric-covered camping table

2. Load-bearing and stability

The next important point you should consider is the load-bearing capacity and stability of your camping table. For the stability, you can check the cross-structure design of the table. In general, triangular crosses can greatly improve the load-bearing and thus consolidate stability.

Some even come with safety latch locks which make them more secure when in use as well as for storage.

Next, remember to check the legs of the table to see if they’ve anti-slip design. Ground conditions can differ from camp to camp and hence your table should handle any type of scenario, and stand safe against slipping! In short, anti-slip table legs are extremely important.

stability of your camping table

3. Size

The next important factor to consider while shopping around for your camping table is its size. The length and size of most egg roll tables are around from 90 cm to 120cm, and their width is mostly around 55-60cm. you can think about the number of people in your group, the amount of food you’d carry and decorative props you’d place on the table and choose the size of the table accordingly.

To make it easier, we suggest you to consider your own height. If the table is too short, sitting at it for too long would be really uncomfortable. Per se, if you’re planning to sit around the table for meals or making tea by the stove, a height of 45cm or above could be the most ideal.

consider height of camping table

4. Style

The last but not the least point to consider is the style. There are literally innumerable styles of tables, but in fact there are usually only the following types.

1) Round table

This is a small, but beautiful round table that you can store in a semi-circle! It’s really convenient for camping trips. Plus, it’s versatile enough as a solo camping setting or as an outdoor afternoon tea table setting for two people.

2) Egg roll table

This is an old favorite for most campers and comes in different shapes. The table top is roll-folding, hence easy to assemble and disassemble. The most common shape is triangular, while another most popular is the octagonal shape for a slightly different and unique and solid look. If an egg-roll table is your choice, but you want something different at the same time, this style can be your best bet.

Egg roll table

3) Lift camping table

Lift camping table has an exceptional quality! It can be height adjusted, i.e., it can be made high or low according to your need. Plus, it’s very stable. So, you can imagine, how it could suit to a range of settings and bonus? It’s great for capturing photos!

4) Combination table

A grid combination table that you can stack freely is indeed amazing! There are three different combinations of aluminum boards, wooden boards and triangular boards that are just ideal for creating a camping BBQ atmosphere!

combination table

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