5 Fantastic Tips for Making Camping Food More Fun

If you feel that camp food tastes better than home food, what you feel is right and there’s a reason for it. It’s cooked on natural wood, in an atmosphere full of fresh air igniting a great appetite in you. If you want to make the process of cooking at camping fun, follow these tips.

1. Plan Meals


Taking a few minutes to plan meals beforehand will save your time and confusion on camp. For example, if you are going to live at the campsite for 2 days, plan breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner for these two days, in writing if you need. This will enable you to decide what raw materials to pack and will eliminate the possibility of wasting time on thinking what to cook.


2. Meats


Pre-cut meats into bite-sized pieces. This will eliminate the need of fork, knife and table to consume them.

Most products containing meat can be frozen, pre-cooked and reheated. Sausages and bacon are great meat products that can be reheated within a couple of minutes, bringing down your breakfast preparation time by half.

Use thinner, smaller cuts with chops and steaks and cook the meat to rare or medium rare. Then during camping, reheat carefully just within a few minutes without overcooking. Precooked frozen cuts will slowly thaw in cooler till you need them.


3. Vegetables


Chop and refrigerate large-sized vegetables you will take on camp. Smaller pieces will quickly cook. Several can be also precooked. If you prefer potatoes and other large vegetables, steam or boil them at home, and then cool and store in refrigerator. Then on camp, reheat them within just a few minutes.

Keep salads premixed and store them in containers without dressing. At the time of eating, add croutons and other crunchy stuff just before eating with the dressing.


4. Casseroles and Others


Spaghetti and sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, chili or stew, lasagna and most casserole dishes also can be prepared and frozen in small containers when in home. This method can be used for rice and sauce dishes too.


5. Lower Temperature for Reheating


Remember that a pre-prepped meal will take only a few minutes for cooking in camp at lower temperatures. A covered pot or skillet with 2-3 tablespoons of water will reheat any precooked dish effectively. Let frozen food thaw before reheating and keep an eye on temperature and time to save food from being overcooked.

Keep in touch with an excellent camping blog and that will give you good tips with which you can make the experience excellent and fun.

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