5 Great Tips to Let You Enjoy Winter Camping

winter camping tips

Have you ever considered going camping in winter, when there is snow everywhere and weather is chilly? Well, you may not have, due to the extreme cold. But believe me, winter camping has its own charm. You don’t sweat! And although there are no flowers and greenery around, there are no bugs too! Neither there are crowds. You can experience a never-before peace, play on snow and even do ice fishing. But it’s agreed that you have to face some challenges for which you have to prepare. Here are a few tips.

1. Choose the Right Spot

Make sure you choose a spot for your tent that’s protected from heavy winds and avalanche danger, e.g. a spot with a thicket of trees or a hill on the background. Also, the spot should not be on or below a slope that could slide. It should not even be just underneath a tree that is damaged or has weakened branches. Also prefer a spot that faces the rising sun so that you can warm up faster. And make sure you spot some prominent landmarks around the site so that you can find your camp in the dark or during a snowstorm. Once you find such a spot, pack down the snow and prepare your tent site. Packing the snow is essential because loose snow is highly likely to melt by your body heat and you may feel uncomfortable while sleeping. Walk around in your snowshoes or skis or stomp around in your boots.

2. Carry the Right Gear

It’s essential to bring the right gear for winter. It’s better that you have everything you need before it’s needed while outdoors. You should carry a sturdy tent, winterized backpack, stove, warm clothing like heated jackets and vests, portable water filter, insulated winter gloves, reusable flint, a warm sleeping bag and sleeping pads.

heated jacket by skivine

3. Protect Yourself from Cold Injuries

Hypothermia and frostbites are great concerns during winter camping. Learn how to protect yourself against them.

4. Stay Warm

Besides sitting by a fire, there are other activities you can do to keep yourself warm. You should eat properly, stay hydrated, keep a bottle of hot water at hand and do jumping jacks.

5. Keep Sharps Away

Keep any items away that could tear your tent. These include ski edges, crampons and ice axes. Breaking your tent on a chilly winter day can be horrible.

If you learn to protect yourself from cold with these tips, you’ll thoroughly enjoy winter camping and will wish to go camping in winters again and again!

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