5 Incredible Benefits of Camping

There are so many ways in which one can get rid of the everyday routine and relax for some time. Camping is perhaps the most popular among them. No wonder, people prefer going camping since years. If you haven’t still realized the amazing benefits of camping, here are some for you reading which you will certainly consider immediately going camping.

1. Fresh and Pure Air

Let’s face it, our cities are storehouses of impure air which we inhale day and night. This impure air contains a lot of dirt, pollutants, microbes and allergens. When we head towards jungles, we start inhaling air full of oxygen released by trees. Naturally you start feeling happy. This is not just your imagination; the extra oxygen you breathe in actually evokes the release of serotonin. The more oxygen you inhale, the less stress your body gets. Research has proved that a few hours in the outdoors can bring improvement in your blood pressure, digestion and immune system, while a few days spent outdoors bring some significant health benefits from the extra oxygen and negligible levels of pollutants.

2. Socialization

Even camping alone offers plenty of benefits to your body and mind, but if you have your buddies with you, your enjoyment is taken to the next level. Being out together strengthens bonds between friends and family members. Socializing with other people in this way increases your lifespan and also delays any memory problems as per a research published in the American Journal of Public Health. So, you can understand why camping is good for your family.

3. Stress Relief

Stress is a huge curse of modern lifestyle to mankind and it affects our health negatively in almost every possible way. A campsite can free you from stress because of rise in oxygen levels, release of serotonin and managing melatonin levels. Also, when you are doing something or are surrounded by things you enjoy such as walking in the nature, breathing in fresh air and fragrances of flowers, watching open skies etc, chances are quite low for you to get irritated. This also reduces stress.

4. Exercise

Exercise is utmost essential for our health and camping offers you plenty of exercise in the form of physical activities. You burn a lot more calories while on a camping trip than when you sit and work in your office. Your muscles get rid of strain, your heart pumps out more blood and your every cell is rejuvenated.

5. Sunshine

During a camping trip, your skin is exposed to the sunlight directly which means it absorbs a lot of vitamin D, which in turn has a lot of health benefits along with helping your body in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

So, if you haven’t yet considered camping, consider it this vacation and you will feel like doing it on every vacation.

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