6 Important Points to Look for While Buying a Foldable Canoe

Any adventurer loves traveling light so that s/he can carry as many other helpful items with her/him as possible. In that case, a folding canoe is the best choice because you can enjoy canoeing without having to carry a bulky canoe. You just have to fold and store the canoe in a box, take it to your destination, assemble it and start canoeing, that’s it!

Here are a few tips on what to look for while buying a foldable canoe.

1.Folding Size

Look at how small the canoe becomes after folding. For example a Tucktec Folding Canoe 48 x 15 x 8 inches after folded as you can see in the above picture. So, you can imagine how easy it is to carry it whether you will be traveling in a RV, car, or walking. Thus, ideally it should fit in your automobile after folding.

2. Maximum Weight the Canoe can Handle

If you are planning to canoe with your partner, family or friends, you should see to it if your folding canoe can hold your total weight.

3. Time Taken to Fold and Unfold

This is also important because you don’t want to spend almost the whole day of your camping tour in just unfolding your canoe and then folding it again. The above-mentioned Tucktec Folding Canoe takes just less than 2 minutes to fold and unfold! Also, it doesn’t require any skill or tools. Look for such a folding canoe.

4. Folding Strength

As you know folding and unfolding may weaken the material of the canoe. The material can crack at the spots of folds. Here you should check the folding strength, i.e. if the material is strong enough not to crack upon frequent folding and unfolding. The Tucktec Folding Canoe, for example, is rated for 1000s of folds.

5. Seating

Another important point to check is seating. Not only you should ensure if the canoe offers comfortable seating, but also you should check whether it offers dual seating so as to allow canoeing with family and friends.

6. Puncture Resistance

Safety is utmost importance on water. Therefore you should essentially check the puncture resistance of your folding canoe. Canoes may puncture on rough waters or rocks. Check if the folding canoe is safe enough. The above-mentioned Tucktec Folding Canoe will not puncture, crack, split or tear ever, even upon hitting the sharpest rocks!

If you check these points, you can have the true pleasure of canoeing because you won’t have to carry the heavy load of a canoe, neither will you face any inconvenience of putting the canoe on the top of your automobile. Find such a foldable canoe and enjoy wandering on waters to your heart’s content.

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