Things to Consider When Choosing a Tent

Camping with family and friends is undoubtedly my favorite pastime. However, if you don’t have the right tent, your camping trip could be turned into a nightmare. To make sure your money is spent wisely, I’ll try to give you some informative and practical tips on choosing a tent to suit you and your camping needs. 


In theory, choosing a model based on the size of your group should be easy. However, industry standard that defines tent dimensions per person doesn’t exist. Although you’ll see that the product is called “4-person tent”, be sure that 4 people would hardly manage to sleep in it. In fact, it means that four people would be a tight fit, but without extra space for baggage and gear. So, for a family of four, buy a 6 person tent to make sure you’ll have enough room for bedding and storing clothes. In case of a bad weather, that extra space will be more than necessary with the whole family in one tent.

tent 2If, however, you will be car camping with your partner and the baggage will be safely stored in the trunk of your car, you’ll need a 2 person tent, since you’ll only be sleeping in it.

Height of the adults who will sleep in a tent should be considered, too. If you’re very tall, you shouldn’t be sleeping curled up in a ball, right? So, know your measurements, the size of your camping group and the baggage you’ll be taking along before purchasing the tent.


winter campMost families opt for camping only when the weather is calm and sunny and, in that case, the tent doesn’t need to be top of the range. Nevertheless, even the most perfect weather can sometimes change rapidly, thus, you’ll need to think what would happen should a storm arise. So, although there are so-called summer tents, made of lightweight material, with lot of ventilations, they are not designed for harsh conditions at all. A 3-season tent is probably the best option for a family summer camping, since it’s more able to survive winds and heavier rain, as well as to provide protection from cold (and even summer nights can be chilly). If, however, you’re planning on camping in snow, opt for a 4-season or a winter tent, not a 3 season tent.


tent set upEase of use is very important when it comes to tents. Even if you find an amazing tent with lots of rooms and storage areas, it might take too long to set up. Choosing a tent that doesn’t require a small army and spending hours to be put up is crucial for a satisfying camping experience. This is especially true if you’re camping alone or with kids. Furthermore, keep in mind that the larger the tent, the bigger the campsite it needs.

Finally, keep in mind that camping equipment prices vary greatly between shops. Therefore, once you find out what kind of tent you’re looking for, shop around to find the best deal.

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