5 Essential Items Your Camping Survival Kit Should Contain

survival kit

You’re on a camping trip for enjoyment. However, the nature doesn’t always care about your enjoyment. Emergency can arise any time. These may include getting lost in the wilderness and/or darkness, getting injured or ill, getting caught in a water body or storm, and many more. Hence every camping enthusiast should carry a survival kit. You can buy a prepackaged survival kit or can build your own by collecting things required. In any case, you should make sure your survival kit contains the following objects.

1. First Aid

Your health should be your prime concern. If you’re in a healthy condition, you can overcome other perils. Therefore, your survival kit should essentially contain a first aid kit which should contain bandages, gauzes, alcohol swabs and pain reliever. Also, if you can, you may include butterfly wound closures, adhesive tape and antibiotic cream.

2. Tools

Your survival kit should also contain a few tools which are useful for preparing shelters, making food, repairing equipment etc. With these tools you can cut wood, chop/slice veggies or meat, build a shelter and so on.

survival kit tools

3. Signaling Aids

Another essential matter during a camping trip is getting a quick help in an emergency in case if you can’t handle a situation on your own. In such a case, you should carry signaling aids to attract helpers’ attention like whistles, distress flags, signal mirror, flares, smoke canister etc. Devices for homing signals like solar lights, flashlight, chemical light, strobe etc. are also essential. Today, a personal locator beacon (PLB) is also available which notifies emergency services of your GPS location.

survival kit  solar lights

4. Water Purifying Aids

You should carry a plentiful stock of drinking water with you. But sometimes you may feel a shortage of water and may need to drink the water available in the nature. At such times, you should take care of staying away from waterborne diseases and hence your survival kit should consist of a small water filter or water purification tablets. Water filter purifier bottles also come handy.

5. Warmth

Even if you’ve ventured out in the summer, nights in the wilderness can be surprisingly cold. Carrying a couple of woolen clothes is a good idea. They can also protect you in wet conditions. Thermal blankets are remarkably lightweight, available in all sizes and are waterproof and windproof.

survival kit thermal blanket

Another supply you should carry in your survival kit for warmth is fire starting tools such as matchboxes and butane lighter. Wood is available in the jungles and you can start fire with your matches or lighter, and get warmth, and also cook food.

Buy a prepackaged survival kit containing these items or buy them individually to create your own survival kit and stay safe in any situation to truly enjoy your camping trip.

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