Fantastic Tips to Keep Bugs Away on Camping

Astray Co. Hammock Bug NetCamping in a green jungle laden with grasses, trees, flowers, birds and butterflies is definitely heavenly. But it can also introduce you to some very tiny, yet very nasty creatures that can ruin your entire heavenly experience – they are insects! They may creep on yours and your little ones’ bodies and belongings (to scare your kids to hell), spoil your food, and bite you to cause red, itching swellings, and worse even, a skin or other disease. Are there any ways to protect yourself from them? Yes, there are! Following are some surefire tips that will let you enjoy a bug-free camping, the most prominent among which is a hammock bug net!

Hammock Bug Net

Here’s the Astray Co. Hammock Bug Net that you should consider carrying while going on a camping trip. After a daylong walk with rucksacks on your backs, you need a goodnight sleep and what else can be better for that than a hammock. Swinging in a hammock tied between two trees or poles and gazing the moonlit and starlit sky above with the swaying branches of the trees creating a lovely design in the view is an experience to remember forever. But sleeping in the open in a hammock may pose the risk of exposing you to various types of insects including flies, ticks, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, ants, chiggers, midges and more. And here the hammock bug net comes into picture.

Astray Co. Hammock Bug Net comfortable

You need not worry about whether it will fit your hammock or not, because it’s extra-long i.e. 11 feet. So, it ensures you are completely protected no matter what size your hammock is or whether it is a double hammock. So, you and your child can comfortably sleep inside the hammock covered with this roomy net enjoying the starry sky and serene cool jungle atmosphere.

Astray Co. Hammock Bug Net extra-long

The net is also not a problem for carrying as it comes with an attached carry bag at its bottom from which you can take it out to easily, set it and in the morning, stuff it back into the bag with absolutely no hassle. As the net is made from extremely lightweight no-see-um-netting material, it’s easy to carry too – even your child can carry it happily, to get the joy of imitating a responsible and helpful adult!

Astray Co. Hammock Bug Net attached bag

Setting up the bug net is extremely easy with the various attachments provided with it.

Astray Co. Hammock Bug Net easy to set

You can watch this video to see how easy it is to enjoy a bug-free camping with the help of this net.

Other Tips to Protect from Insects

Proper Dressing

The bug net can protect you at night when you sleep. But what about the rest of the day when you are doing various activities? Here it’s your responsibility to protect yourself and your young campers from insects for which it’s important to keep your skin covered as much as possible. As per the recommendations of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should wear long sleeves and full pants that will cover your hands and legs fully.

Walk from the Middle of Paths

While hiking, particularly through tall grass or dense woods, remember to stick to the middle of paths and take regular intervals to check if there are ticks on your skin or clothes.

Use Insect Repellent

No matter how much you cover your skin, at least some of your skin is sure to remain bare, e.g. of face, palms, neck etc. Therefore an effective insect repellent is a must for you. Be sure to follow instructions carefully while using the insect repellent. An insect repellent won’t kill insects but will deter them.

Astray Co. Hammock Bug Net

Take Care of Your Pets

If you plan to bring your beloved pets on a camping trip, take care of their health too. Take them first to your vet to get an appropriate tick and heartworm treatment.

Stay Away from Ideal Insect Grounds

Tall grasses and standing waters are both breeding and thriving grounds for most insects. Stay away from such spots. While looking for a campsite, look out for a high and dry ground.

Keep Your Senses Alert

While roaming in the wilderness, instead of only enjoying the greenery, flowers, birds and butterflies, watch out for potential dangers too like beehives, ant mounds, cobwebs and similar insect dwellings. Also keep your ears alert to listen to buzzing sounds, which is a sign of a swarm of agitated bees or hornets nearby.

Make Your Tent Bug-free to Maximum Extent

While keeping every bug away from you is almost impossible, you can surely reduce their number by taking a few precautions, such as keeping food properly protected, turning lights off when you are not inside the tent and zipping up the tent flaps right upon entering or exiting.

Astray Co. Hammock Bug Net

Carry a First-aid Kit

While packing your first-aid kit for the camping trip, include medications and tools for insect bites in it. For example, you should carry tweezers for removing ticks. You can also carry anti-itch cream or gel, 1% hydrocortisone cream and anti-allergy medications prescribed by your doctor.

Thus make full preparations to protect yourself and your loved ones from insects, so that you can enjoy your camping to the fullest.

Astray Co. Hammock Bug Net

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