3 Prominent Benefits of Electric Mountain Bikes

ANCHEER Electric Mountain BikeElectric mountain bikes or e-MTBs have become tremendously popular immediately after their advent. There was an incredible rise in their sales soon after their launch and the trend is continued. According to some people, this is a threat because they think that once everybody goes electric, traditional bikes will go the way of the penny-farthing. However, this is not true. These battery-powered mountain bikes won’t stop the use of human muscle power, but will improve it. Here are some prominent benefits of e-MTBs and how they will improve our life.

1. Electric Mountain Bike Makes Pedaling Easier

Typically, e-MTBs are standard bikes with a battery-powered ‘pedal-assist’. When you get on and start pushing pedals, a small motor comes into play and boosts you, so that you are able to zip up hills carrying a heavy backpack and ride over tough terrains without having to exhaust yourself. Technically e-bikes are known as ‘pedalecs’ and feel like riding a bike but better. Your feet can control your speed just like with a standard bike, but you just accelerate easily and feel powerful.

Some e-bikes have a throttle mounted on the handlebar that engages the motor with the push of a button, regardless of you are pedaling or not.

However, ANCHEER 26″ Electric Bike has a unique system of two working modes, viz. E-bike and Assisted bicycle. So, whenever you don’t want to ride, you can press the M key and still can ride the bike, while when you want some exercise you can activate the assisted mode.

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

2. They are Much Faster

The harder you pedal an e-MTB, the faster you’ll be able to ride, to a point. But remember that although e-bikes allow you buzz along at a brisk clip, they are not motorcycles. The above-mentioned ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike can achieve a speed of 25km/hour which is a pretty fast speed and you can save a lot of time on your commute to your work or hilltop, but can enjoy scenery at the same time.

3. You Still Get Exercise

E-bikes do some work for you but you can still exercise with them. Researchers in Colorado University observed that when 20 non-exercising people e-biked for around 40 minutes for three days a week, their cardiovascular fitness as well as blood sugar improved in only one month.

Several people are too unfit to ride long enough to get real health benefits from biking. But make them ride an electric mountain bike and they are able to ride for an hour and get a remarkable amount of workout. E-MTB puts them on a faster track for getting fit.

So, if still you haven’t, get a 26″ Mountain Bike like ANCHEER and start exploring mountains along with improving your health.

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