Glowski Game – A Perfect Way to Keep Everyone Entertained in a Camping Trip

playing Glowski GameA camping holiday with family or friends is an extremely fun idea. However, before leaving for the holiday, you should prepare for a situation when some or all in the party are bored. This may happen if there is nothing much to explore around the campsite or whatever there is may be too difficult to explore with kids. In such a situation, camping games may come to your rescue. By playing a variety of games, you can keep everyone entertained and amused.

But a drawback of these camping games may be that they cannot be played after the sun sets. Since campsites usually have no lights (and that’s the reason we enjoy the wilderness), it becomes difficult to play games that include running around after the nightfall. Therefore Carson Rutledge has brought a fantastic game, Glowski, which can be played even in the dark, due to its glowing colorful lights.

glowski can be played anywhere anytime


Glowski game is an innovative flying disc game which can be played between as many players as one wishes, e.g. 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and so on. It combines disc golf with a type of horseshoes and its specialty is that it can be played even at night. You know how kids love to remain awake and play at night; so, this may be an ideal game for them and also for adults.

A complete Glowski set contains two poles, two bottles, a flying disc, 8 LED bottle lights and a convenient bag to carry the set. The poles are to be placed 10 steps or 30 feet apart with one bottle each on their top. The flying disc has two side – heads and tails, with logo and without logo respectively and by making a toss, teams can decide which one will start.

Glowski Game set

The game is usually to be played with one hand, so, in the other hand you can carry your favorite beverage and add more fun to the game. The teams have to throw the disc one-by-one at the opposite side’s bottle or pole to knock the bottle off the pole. If the bottle or disc hits the ground, the throwing team will score 2 and 1 point respectively. But if the opposite team catches the bottle and/or disc before hitting the ground, the point is cancelled. In order to win, a team should score 21 points and should win by two points.

There is also a ‘catch’. If the disc drops to the ground but is uncatchable, i.e. thrown too high, too low or more than 1 step away from the catching team, the throwing team won’t get the points.

One more point to remember is that, if the thrown disc isn’t given an opportunity to hit the pole or bottle and is caught by the catching team in front of the pole, the throwing team will automatically get 3 points.

Another point is that if a team scores 20 points, they cannot win off only a dropped disc. They should hit the bottle or pole during their throw and only then they will win.

The bottles in the set are heavy-duty, crack-resistant and poles are easy-to-assemble with weighted bottoms. The flying disc comes with blue and red LED lights. Plus, you get 8 LED bottle lights that adhere to the bottles firmly and have fun green, blue, red and white colors. They have both standard and strobe light functions.

playing Glowski Game

Fun Add-ons

You can get your own Glowski Game Sticker swag and glow up any surface to show support to the project. Then you can have your own LED Glowski bottle koozie to keep your drinks cold. And also don’t miss out an opportunity to get stylish Glowski shirts that come in Small, Medium, Large and XL sizes.

Plus there are some many rewards! So, order Glowski today and have fun in your next camping trip!

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