Buying the Best Crossbow for You

Crossbows are much more noiseless, eco-friendly and hassle-free than rifles. Day by day and year by year they have been more and more sophisticated too. Today’s crossbows are quite different than that of the past, but for better. No wonder, its use for hunting is increasing. Choosing a right crossbow for you is important and a best crossbow can be chosen by reading online crossbow reviews. However, you can better decide if you are well educated about them. Let’s learn some things here.

Why Crossbows are Popular

They are highly precise. They are in use since ages and have less to no chance of failure. Even those who are unable to take up archery hunting, can use crossbows for hunting.

What are Crossbows?

Crossbows are hunting weapons resembling bows. But instead of arrows they shoot bolts which are projectiles that again resemble arrows. Crossbows are mounted horizontally to stocks and bolts are shot by the fast-paced strings on the crossbows. A crossbow’s mechanism keeps it drawn, rather than the shooter needing to keep the string drawn physically. A trigger is also present to release the string. A crossbow is graded by pull weight which may range between 80 and 200 pounds.

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Types of Crossbows

The types found in bows – recurve and compound – are found in crossbows too. Both have their own pros and cons.

In a recurve crossbow the limbs or tips face away from the shooter. Having fewer brittle parts it requires less maintenance. It is quieter than compound crossbow and being less complicated is the right choice for a beginner.

Compound crossbow is a newer type of bow with short limbs. Its strings are fastened to pulleys and it has a cam system which makes the bow stronger by storing more energy. There is also a cocking system whereby the compound crossbow becomes easier to draw.

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Choosing the Best Crossbow for You

First of all, understand the rules and regulations of your area and state for using crossbows before you make a decision. Your buying decision should also depend upon some of those rules.

What will You Use it For?: This is the most important factor to consider while buying a crossbow. Are you going to use it for target practice, or for big game hunting or just for fun? If you will use it for target practice or fun, size and weight may not be very important. But if you will take up big game hunting, you will need a high quality crossbow. If you will be hiking while hunting, you need to consider the weight and size of the bow.

Speed: If you are a pro hunter and is in search of fast speed, compound bow is your best bet. Recurve bows are unable to store more energy because of their particular design. Bolts also decide the speed. Ensure that you buy correct strength and size of bolts according to your bow. If you buy wrong bolts, they may fire erratically. Another factor is if your bolt is very light and bow is very strong, the bow can be damaged. Read bow’s manufacturer’s suggestions about which types of bolts you should use.

Noise: Crossbows if used for hunting should be quiet. One having parallel limbs gives quieter shooting. Compound bows are generally noisier than recurve crossbows because of cams. You will have to choose between speed and noise.

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These are a few factors you can consider while buying just the right crossbow for you. In general, you will first have to evaluate your own skills and proficiency level, purpose of using the weapon, and your needs and then you can make a correct decision.

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