Ventum3D – The Aeolius Generator for Continuous Green Energy at Your Camping Trip

It’s a great joy to head towards woods, mountains, riverbank or ocean beach, and spend time with nature, greenery and wildlife under the skies. But when we are accustomed to urban life, there can be a few difficulties in our adventure. One of these is lack of electric gadgets like lamps, fans and mobile chargers for which we need constant power supply. Per se we can carry a generator; but standard generators carry a risk of emissions and noise, and we don’t like to disturb the nature. Is there any solution? Yes, there is! It’s Ventum3D.

What is Ventum3D?

Ventum3D, the Aeolius Generator, is a new generation generator which uses ordinary wind currents to generate electricity. It is based on a process named Intelligent Self Regulation because the airflow booster manages energy which is distributed throughout the device.

Intelligent Self Regulation is a new patent pending discovery to manage energy. The design is similar to a wind turbine in which ordinary wind currents are captured to generate electricity.

The beauty of this product is that it can be used for immediate power or the energy can be stored in its battery to be used later.

Ventum3D, the Aeolius Generator

Why the Name “The Aeolius Generator”?

The word Aeolius means “The Keeper of the Winds”. The Aeolius Constant Generator or ACG is a 100% electric generator with a very little sound. So, you don’t need to worry about disturbing the wildlife or your neighbors at the campsite.

Ventum3D, the Aeolius Generator


Being non-bulky, the ACG can be carried anywhere, whether it’s camping, picnic, long trips, boating or parties. It can even be used on food trucks, construction sites, for rescue operations and for military operations.

Thus the Aeolius is very versatile generator and can be used like any other.

It allows anyone to access electrical power from anywhere in the world. It is a brand new technology that uses air currents to turn its internal fans to charge its batteries. You can expect constant power to charge devices large and small.

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