Top 4 Tips for a Bug-free Camping Trip

Emma Beans Secret Solutions bug repellents

There’s no doubt that a camping trip is fun and provides a great opportunity to be alone or spend quality time with your loved ones in the vicinity of nature. However, there are certain factors that can spoil the fun. A major among them is insects. Although it’s understandable that biting is their way of protecting themselves, their bites are annoying and even can sometimes be horrible with worrying wounds. Here are tips to keep these pesky creatures away while enjoying camping fun.

1. Get Emma Beans Secret Solutions

While you know that when you embark upon your camping trip, you should carry a bug spray and you even carry one, can you guarantee that it won’t do any harm to your skin with its strong chemical composition causing dryness, irritation, heat or similar problems? Well, now you can have bug repellents, in the form of Emma Beans Secret Solutions, made with natural ingredients that not only keep bugs away but also protect your skin from drying out and even sunburn. So, these are sun, bug, dry skin, all-in-one solutions, because their botanical ingredients act synergistically to fight pests away and moisturize skin, and zinc oxide provides 15+ SPF protection. They are also non-greasy and you’ll love their smell.

Emma Beans Secret Solutions bug repellents

2. Campfires, Lanterns and Candles

Just as you should carry Emma Beans Secret Solutions on your camping trip, you should also carry a lot of candles and lanterns, and also enjoy campfires. Campfires are not only a great fun when dusk falls and you gather around the fire sipping a hot beverage and relishing snacks, but also excellent for keeping bugs away. Its smoke repels flies, mosquitoes and other insects. The same effect is also created by the little smoke produced by candles. You can even use lanterns with a cartridge installed in them to release a chemical which insects hate.

3. Wear Clothes that Provide Coverage

Make sure you carry long-sleeved shirts and pants which you can wear at dawn and dusk hours when bugs are the most active. However, such clothes cannot always avoid bug-bites. Plus, they can make you feel extremely hot in hot weather. Hence, consider investing in insect-repellent clothing that has insect repellents infused in the fabric.

4. Keep Your Campsite Clean

Open food containers and unwashed dishes left in the open is a clear invitation to insects. Hence make sure you use closed containers for storing or disposing of food or food remnants. Dispose of trash as soon as you can at designated trash receptacles. Wipe the table at your campsite right after you arrive and after every meal. Wash dishes as soon as you finish eating. Make sure no traces of food are left in the open.

Follow these tips and your camping trip will be free of bugs and thus truly fun.

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