4 x 4 Adventures in Sedona

4 x 4 jeepWhen visiting the great outdoors of Sedona Arizona it’s all about the glorious red rocks, and you gotta get up close and personal. There are tons of hiking trails, and you can take a helicopter adventure over the beautiful landscape, but to really venture out into the amazing Sedona landscape, a jeep tour is a must! The jeep tours take you to parts of Sedona you can’t access by foot, provide jaw-dropping adventure and are navigated and narrated by some of Sedona’s most entertaining folk. It’s a wild west outing you and your loved ones will never forget! We found something even better than the Jeep tours though, there is a site (http://www.myejeep.com/) where you can rent your own Jeep and explore the great outdoors on your own pace.

You might think, “if you have taken one jeep tour in Sedona, you’ve taken them all”. Nothing could be further from the truth! Featuring several different jeep companies, all offering a different spin on the 4 by 4 adventure, you are sure to experience something new with each ride. Additionally, there are jeep journeys for everyone, from young families to grandparents, all set in the amazing backdrop of Sedona’s majestic beauty.

For the families with small kids, you will want to take a tour that keeps everyone entertained but isn’t too rough and wild. Kids of all ages will appreciate the Outback Trail which features a drive along the base of the gorgeous red rocks while learning about the history, ecology and geology of Sedona. It’s one lesson the whole family will enjoy. This two-hour adventure also offers some tremendous views of the sunset, so be sure to bring your camera!

If you are searching for something a bit more spiritual, try the Touch the Earth Vortex Tour to Sedona’s mystical vortexes. Known for their powerful energy emissions, there are four main vortexes in Sedona, the Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon and the Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock Vortex. Each has its own energy source, and many people experience a spiritual and metaphysical reaction to the locations. A jeep tour can take you to each vortex site, where you can truly be in touch with nature. You can stop at each site and experience the surroundings, take photos and meditate, if you choose. Your professional tour guide can answer any questions you have about each individual site while you experience all the beauty that Sedona has to offer.

High energy tours like the famous Broken Arrow trip are for those who want to an adventure! As one of the most popular 4 by 4 excursions, it’s two hours of rugged trails and spectacular scenery. You’ll travel across the Sedona outback and check out exciting spots like Submarine Rock, Chapel Butte and Mushroom Rock, just to name a few. Prepare yourself for the exhilarating drive down The Road of No Return, a steep, one direction road descending from Chicken Point, another one of Sedona’s exceptional sites. This bumpy, high energy tour is a fun and frenetic ride!

For a trip back in time, book a 4 by 4 trip through the Ancient Ruins of Sedona. Experience a thrilling archaeological trip that includes travel through Sedona’s backcountry into the Honaki Heritage site, and extend your ride to include Diamondback Gulch. Explore the history of the former cliff dwellings at the Honaki Heritage site, and learn the hidden meaning in their rock art. Your professional guide will entice you with stories as you forage through the ancient canyons and view the 700-hundred-year-old ruins. The photo opportunities are endless, so make sure you bring your phone or camera to capture the beauty and history!

To truly explore the old west, take a trip back in time on the Cowboys and Canyons tour, a combo right out of a western movie. This moderate jeep ride takes you through Dry Creek Basin where you can view the Seven Canyons area. You’ll make a stop at the historic Van Deren Cabin, one of the many old west homesteads from the 1920’s. Several movies were filmed at this cabin, only enhancing its charm. This two-hour tour also features the many flora and fauna of the area, from prickly pear cactus to pinon pine.

There is an excursion for everyone in Sedona including sunset tours, wine and jeep tours, historical tours, and tours featuring spectacular vistas. Whichever tour you choose, you will want to be prepared. These jeep rides aren’t paved road tours of Sedona; they are dirt back roads, full of bumps and amazing scenery. The jeeps seat a variety of people, depending upon the size of the jeep. If you don’t have a large crew, you may be sharing a jeep ride with some strangers. The jeeps are equipped with seat belts, roll bars and very padded seats to absorb the rugged rides. The front seats are the best seats for elderly passengers, and the back seats are the bumpiest. If you suffer from physical ailments like back, heart, or neck problems, or you are pregnant, you may want to ask your guide if the ride you want is the ride you should take.

People with small children, or who are afraid of heights may also want a preview of the excursion they plan to take. While tours run year-round, it is advisable to check the weather, as it can get very hot in Sedona or it could snow. Trips run all day, from first thing in the morning to sunset. Dress appropriately; mornings are cool and afternoon excursions can be hot. Use sunscreen and protect your head, especially in the summertime. And don’t forget to bring water; you will want to stay hydrated! You will want to make sure that you use the restroom before you leave; there aren’t any bathrooms out on the trails! Plus, the jostling of the jeep won’t be enjoyable with a full bladder! You will also want to have a tight grip on your belongings so you don’t lose anything important while on the drive. Most importantly, enjoy your adventure in the serenity and splendor of amazing Sedona!

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