Eco-Friendly Camping – Minimize Environmental Impact

Campers are true nature lovers, right? We yearn for those remote places, isolated from civilization where we can enjoy astonishing scenery and feel united with the nature. However, camping can sometimes damage the environment, which is something we would like to, at least, minimize. If you want to leave the wild place you visit better than you found, we have several tips that will help you respect the wilderness and reduce your impact on it.

It is very important to plan your camping trip ahead. Find out what you are getting into while preparing for traveling in order to get ready for it accordingly. For instance, if you learn about the terrain and local hazards, you will be able to skip high traffic and sensitive areas, therefore you will prevent costly evacuations and emergencies. Also, when you know exactly how many people will be in your group, you can pack food and supplies in a way that will minimize potential waste. As you see, if you do the planning task right, you will certainly avoid many unnecessary impacts on the environment.

Try not to create new campsite or trails, so look for already established ones or snow, dry grass and rock. If however, you encounter pristine area, it’s good to disperse campsites and travels – not to establish obvious use area for future campers.

Proper waste disposal is crucial, therefore take any waste you find with you, no matter if it’s yours or not. When it comes to human waste, it should be disposed in “catholes”, at least two-hundred feet from water and and about 7 inches deep. Washing and showering should be done about two-hundred feet from water, as well.

eco camp 2Look, touch and leave where you’ve found it! Although natural objects might look magnificent, keep in mind that they belong in nature.

Campfire is a must, but you can try to minimize its impacts. In order to accomplish that, keep fires small and use a fire ring. Campfires should be build periodically and where permitted. Before departing, fire should be burnt down to ashes.

Don’t harass wildlife, so don’t feed them, control your own four-legged companions and store camp food properly. Respect wildlife especially during nesting or mating season, since at that times even the slightest stress can cause long-lasting and great disturbance.

Save our beautiful planet while enjoying it to the fullest! Follow our simple eco-camping trips and have memorable outdoor experience!

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