5 Important Points to Check while Buying the Best Instant Tent

instant tent

Camping is getting increasingly popular due to an urge among young adults and teenagers of unorganized trips and adventures. Instant tents have been popularized among this age group because they facilitate exploring the greatness of nature and just relax to have fun with family and friends. If you are among such people and looking for instant tents, here are a few tips on what to look for.

1. Type of Camping

What type of camping you are intending to do? Backpacking, mountaineering, car camping or expedition? In case of car camping, it’s easier to transport the tent to your campsite. In case of an expedition, you’ll need a very sturdy tent which can withstand rough weather conditions like heavy rains and winds, and which can be erected on difficult terrain. Visit thetenthub.com to find the best tent for your needs.

2. Check Pole Material

Quality backpacking instant tents have aluminum poles that are strong yet light and easy to replace if required. Cheaper light-duty tents come with fiberglass poles that are inexpensive but are a lot heavier and less durable.

But for the best quality poles, carbon fiber may be the best material being very strong yet lightweight. However, drawback of these poles is that they are not as durable as aluminum poles.

3. Consider Weight

If you’ll be going on a backpacking trip, weight of your tent is an important factor to consider, from the point of view of making your backpack as light as possible. It should be typically less than five pounds. But if you’ll be going by car, you can prefer a heavier tent that might be sturdier too. Take a look at the best Coleman instant tents.

4. Think of the Season

Several tents available on the market are ideal for three seasons viz. spring, summer and fall. These tents are designed to withstand heavy rains but they are not ideal for snowy conditions. Their walls are typically made of mesh which is good for protection as well as ventilation.

A four-season tent has a stronger material with sturdy poles. These are often boulder-shaped so as to shed snow and wind. In addition, they have large vestibules in which you can store your gear.

5. Capacity

You should also check the capacity of the tent so as to check whether it can handle the number of people planning to sleep in the tent and if there is additional room for your gear. You should also consider the heights of all members of the party so as to find a tent with ample headroom.

Read reviews and comparison of various tents on thetenthub.com and you can easily find the best tent to make your camping adventure joyful.

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