Camp Cooking – 5 Tips You Should Try

There’s something about cooking at camping that makes the entire experience really enjoyable and special. Nevertheless, one has to admit that preparing meals in the outdoors requires more patience, time and resourcefulness. Here are 5 simple yet effective tips to make your camp cooking more fun and less challenging!

  1. Plan and prep everything in advance. This probably goes without saying, but it should be mentioned. You can save yourself a lot of time if you plan each meal, measure ingredients, chop meat and veggies and pack items for each meal together. Using zip-lock bags for ingredients will keep them from leaking, becoming wet and get contaminated. Cutting, slicing and chopping foods in the outdoors requires time and energy and makes a lot of mess. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to do all this work before you leave your home.
  2. Choose the right cookware and take only what you plan using. If you have planned your camping meals in advance, you know what cookware and utensils you really need. Taking only these items saves time and space when preparing your meals. We highly recommend the ORIS cooking system Skottle, since it’s a durable multipurpose cooking device you can use for many different dishes.
  3. Make everything cooler. Before putting meat in the cooler, freeze it. Not only will the lower temperature help the meat keep longer, but it will also keep down the temperature in your cooler. Putting a few cans of frozen juice is also a good idea for keeping the items in the cooler cold and fresh a bit longer.
  4. Heat water while you enjoy your meal. Once your meal is ready to be savoured, fill a pot with water on the fire. This way it will be warm for cleaning just after you’ve finished eating. This saves both time and energy!
  5. Keep food stored away and locked up. Unwanted visits from animals (for example bears) are something you surely want to avoid, don’t you? Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep food in your vehicle or in a locked up box high in a tree.

Bonus Tip: Check your cooking equipment before you leave! Make sure everything is clean, safe and works properly to avoid unpleasant surprises once you reach your camping destination.

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