7 Useful Tips to Become a Pro Rock Climber

rock climbing Iowa

You are adventurous and just before a few days, you have started rock climbing, which you hadn’t imagined you’d be ever able to do. But once you started, you loved every part of it including the physical challenge, the sense of defying gravity and an ability of problem solving. But still you have to meet the goal of becoming a proficient expert from a novice climber as soon as possible. Here are a few useful tips for you to achieve that.

1. Take an Intro Course

Intro climbing courses are particularly important if you are going to do any rope climbing. You will learn from the instructors how to tie figure eight follow through knot, how to belay safely and how to effectively communicate.

2. Climb Whenever You Can

There is no good alternative to spending as much time as you can in actually climbing, especially when you’ve just started out. Climbing gyms are great places since they provide several routes with a wide array of styles and challenges. Also, they give you excellent opportunities to observe others and learn.

3. Set Personal Goals

Goals do an important job of motivating you. You can set easy goals to start with, such as learning a new technique, overcoming your fear of height or falling or pushing yourself into a new range of grade. Make sure your goals are achievable.

4. Visit Various Rock Climbing Destinations in the World

Your passion for rock climbing can take you to some outstanding destinations in the world. These include rock climbing Iowa, California, South Africa, Chiang Mai (Thailand), Greece and more. The various types of rocks and other geographical conditions in these places will enrich your experience as a climber.

rock climbing Iowa

5. It’s Much More about Strength

Your instructors and any pro climber will tell you that if you want to become a good climber, you should learn careful footwork, good movement, body positioning and balance before worrying about gaining strength.

6. Arms Straight

A lock-off position i.e. holding yourself up with bent arms is extremely fatiguing and will make lactic acid accumulate in your arms, thereby exhausting you within no time. So, keep arms straight.

7. Effective Use of Feet

Careful, purposeful placement of feet can improve your control over your climbing. Excellent climbing starts with excellent footwork. If you watch any expert keenly, you’ll find that their foot positioning is always quiet and deliberate. A great way for practicing this is to add footwork drills into your warm up.

Follow these tips and you’ll be happy to see yourself progressing towards becoming a pro climber.

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