4 Useful Tips for Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail

No doubt that thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail successfully needs physical strength. But it also requires at least some amount of luck. For example, you are a capable and experienced hiker in all terms and could have thru-hiked the AT, but what if you broke your ankle just because of small rocks that rolled onto your feet? Hiking the Appalachian Trail is a game of chance. Still you can prevent a few common reasons because of which people are forced to leave the trail. Here are tips for successful thru-hiking of AT.

1. Go Slow

You need not run on the trail just because others are passing at a great pace. You will notice that a speed of 20 miles per day can result into injuries like bad blisters, twisted ankles and aching knees because of which hikers often quit the trail. The trail features an unkind terrain; so, go slow and easy on yourself. Don’t pressurize yourself to achieve the speed of someone else.

2. Zero Days

Zero Days are days when you don’t hike. Just like going slow, Zero Days are also essential for you. You can take rest and get back in towns. Eat well, take showers, watch TV or read a book, while your joints will rest.

3. Change Many Pairs of Socks

On the thru-hike of AT you will need to change many pairs of socks, because you will proceed for days without laundering. Your socks may get wet or they may simply wear out. Therefore keep changing the socks; be keen on wearing a new pair every day. Change socks right upon feeling a hot spot (a forthcoming blister). If you will be careful about your feet, you are more likely to sustain the 5,000,000 steps of AT from Maine to Georgia.

4. Avoid Depression by Cooking Fresh Meals

Many people prefer to carry only jelly bagels and peanut butter on AT and eat them every time, morning, afternoon and night. Well, surely they provide the much needed proteins, carbs and sugars for the enormous trail, but sometimes you need a change to keep you up. Appalachian Trail is downright depressing sometimes. You will be wet and cold and will feel lost and frustrated. Sometimes you will have no energy and nothing will seem to go right. In such situations, a hot fresh meal at the end of a tiring day can stop dismal feelings from coming and this will increase your chances for success.

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