Including Archery in Your Camping Schedule – a Wonderful Experience

archery as a camping activityDo your kids or accompanying friends get daunted regarding what to do on a camping trip? Well, there are many activities they can undertake in the company of nature, one of the most amazing of which is archery.

Archery is propelling arrows with a stringed bow towards a target and is one of the most ancient activities man has been undertaking till date for entertainment, protection as well as getting food.

Through its journey starting as an activity for protection and getting food, archery has now become a fun sport that has even been included in the Olympics.

All in all, it can be performed during a camping trip as a great pastime, not necessarily for hunting, but even as a clean form of entertainment with archery targets.

archery target

Types of Archery

The best thing about archery is that it comes in various forms to suit the liking of various types of people. Here are different types of archery you can consider.

Target Archery: This includes shooting at stationary bull’s eye targets either indoors or outdoors. This is the most widespread form of archery and is perfect for beginners.

Field Archery: Field archery includes shooting at a stationary target but only in the outdoors, through the woods. Shooters can practise it with varying distances and heights.

3D Archery: It includes 3-dimensional replicas of animals as targets that are located at varying distances all through the woods. Beginners can start with shorter distances while experienced shooters can take up longer and more challenging shots.

Traditional Archery: This eliminates all modern accessories, enabling archers to connect with their gear. Traditional shooting could involve shooting at stumps, archery targets or bow hunting too.

Bowhunting: This includes hunting game animals with archery.

Another best thing about archery is that it can be practiced for a lifetime unlike other sports which people cannot continue when they age. Archery can be practiced at any age, gender and all strength levels and physical conditions.practising archery


Here are tips on how to start learning archery.

Find an Experienced Teacher

As such you can start your archery practice on your own by just placing an arrow on your bow, pulling back the string and launch it at anything. However, it makes a huge difference when you shoot an arrow with skill and grace. Therefore it’s best to learn the skills from an expert. This will also ensure correct training and prevention of injuries. It will also create your basic foundation for the sport to progress further.

learning archery

Rent the Gear before Buying

You may plan to buy the latest and most advanced bow and arrows for your new archery course in order to achieve the necessary skills at the earliest. However, be warned that it may bring only frustration to you. As you are learning the sport still, expensive gear doesn’t contribute much to your learning. In fact, it may break or undergo some other damage and you may have to repent for spending a big money.

Instead consider renting the gear to start with. This way, you can go through the various types of gear available and decide which one is the best for you and can buy later, once you acquire enough skill.

honing your archery skills

Perfect the Fundamentals

Perfecting the fundamentals is important if you want to progress in archery. Mastering a basic archery shot that includes delicate technique, precision and finesse is an essential process to undergo. It will offer you a strong base for enhanced performance in the future and also teach you how to stay away from getting hurt.

Choosing Right Equipment

When you start building your archery skills, it’s time to invest in good equipment. Having high quality bows, arrows and archery targets makes a great difference in your performance once you learn and refine basics. Sadly, the best tools are usually pricey and so, getting the right ones take time when you are on budget. Even if you buy low quality equipment, it’s important to choose the right size because improperly big bow can cause injuries.Best Foam for Archery Targets


Practice will Make You Perfect but Test the Perfection

It’s true that practice for any skill is essential; however, only practice is not sufficient. You should test your skills on competitive levels regularly. And in these competitions you should find your steps that you need to get better for the next contest.

Hope you and your mates will enjoy a lot with your new archery venture during your camping trips and thank yourself for including such a wonderful new activity in your schedule.

archery as a camping activity

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