Refillable and Durable Camping Lighter Easy on Your Pocket and Environment

Food and water may be some important components of your backpack; but even more important than them is a lighter! If you don’t have one, you may starve or shiver to death! You can’t cook food, boil water or can‘t create a fire to save yourself from cold. Every experienced hiker and camper knows the importance of a lighter and keeps one in their backpack. However, how far these lighters are reliable? It’s not only important to have a lighter, but it should be reliable too, i.e. it should start a fire when required. Long lighters are extremely useful and dependable.

Choosing a Good Lighter

Qualities of a good lighter are:

  • Durability
  • Water resistance
  • Direct flame
  • Portability
  • Should be refillable
  • Should be hands-free

Lighters have a property to break easily because they normally slip your grip. So, the lighter you want should be rugged and durable; its material shouldn’t rust if it comes in contact with moisture or rain during your camping adventure.

There are good lighters like InfiniteLite lighter which light in any condition even under submerged under water or in heavy rains.

Direct flame means it should be like a torch; i.e. it should not be blown out easily like a cigarette lighter.

Being refillable doesn’t change how the lighter works; however, it enables you to reuse the lighter as many times as you wish.

Being hands-free enables you to use the lighter with only one hand. If you have to use one of your hands for holding one part of the lighter and the other for holding the other part, it becomes inconvenient for you to light a fire if your one hand is injured or is holding some other goods. Therefore the lighter should be hands-free.

InfiniteLite Lighter

The InfiniteLite lighter by is just the perfect camp lighter. It has all the above features and it provides you functionality, durability, safety and innovation. While other lighters become empty and break, InfiniteLite offers you years of use because of its durability and ability to refill infinitely. So, it scores over the other lighters you cannot light easily and end up in adding to landfills. It saves your money too.

Special Features of InfiniteLite Lighter

High-tech Engineering: have achieved a next level in utility lighters with a patented US CPSC approved switch guards that make this lighter absolutely safe for your children. It gives you a constant spark regardless of the conditions you are in like high winds or rain. And it features a flexible neck barrel which makes it hard to reach the sparking points.

Durability: After buying InfiniteLite lighter, you don’t need to buy another lighter because it is refillable and extremely durable. Therefore it is highly eco-friendly too.

So, choose InfiniteLite lighter for your next camping adventure and every adventure after that!

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