3 Important Factors to Consider while Buying a Perfect Camping Lighter

Flameless Camping LighterA good survival lighter is one of the most essential things that an outdoor adventurer should carry. Reason? Such a lighter can be your best friend in emergency situations. It starts fire for you for cooking, saving you from cold and bugs, and also keeping wildlife away. All these situations can be of life and death for you, and a lighter can save your life. So, what will you consider while choosing a good lighter? Let’s see.

Remember that camping lighters are different from everyday lighters. They are sturdier and made for rugged conditions of outdoor environments. You’ll have to do some research and determine which features you will need. Here are some factors you should take into consideration.

1. How will You Use it?

The first facto you should consider is how you are going to use your lighter. You will need to think upon the number of times the lighter can be used. E.g. take a look at the lighter available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077GKNRMB. This is an electronic lighter that can be conveniently charged with the available USB cord and gives you from 100 to 300 uses. It also offers overcharge protection for extended battery life. So, it can be used continuously.

2. Ease of Use

When you are caught into an emergency situation, it’s very important that you can start fire easily without any hassle. The survival lighter mentioned above is extremely easy to use because it gets activated when you place the object you want to light up in the ignition area. You neither have to press any button nor have to do anything else. Thus when you want to start a fire for your camping, just open the cap of this lighter and place a dry leaf or small twig in the ignition area, the object will ignite and you can start fire. It’s flameless! And it’s windproof and rainproof too. Thus it’s ideal when you are freezing during cold, rainy or windy conditions.

3. Safety

You should also consider how safe the lighter is. The above-mentioned survival lighter, for example, is totally safe because it will never ignite in your pocket or backpack when its lid is closed. You just have to tell your children about how it can burn if they keep fingers in the ignition area and keep it away from them.

All in all, you should find a survival lighter which is sturdy, easy to use, hard-working and safe. Find such a lighter for your next adventure and enjoy great campfires.

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