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Rak Tamachat model farmThere is at least a little attraction in every human towards nature, going outdoors, camping, and getting surrounded by greenery and wilderness! Why? It’s because man is basically a part of nature and not something different, and of course, never superior. Since ages, man has tried to overcome the problems nature throws at him, but has ultimately realized that he can’t beat nature. And eventually, he has come to a conclusion that it’s always better to be friends with nature than to do something against her.

Permaculture is a good outcome of this thought. It’s the system based on doing everything including agriculture and overall living in accordance with the nature and natural ecosystems. The basic aim of permaculture is to create everything that is sustainable, regenerative and self-sufficient modeled from natural ecosystems.

Fortunately more and more people and communities are realizing the importance of permaculture and trying to integrate it in their lives.

www.raktamachat.org is one such group intensely trying to spread the importance of permaculture and teach others living in and with the nature, rather than going against her.

Rak Tamachat is located in rural Northeast Thailand and the term means “Love Natural” in Thai. It’s a broad scale Permaculture farm where Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs) and Natural Building Courses are arranged to educate people about sustainable lifestyle and holistic living. Their mission is to create more and more permaculturists!

Rak Tamachat can be described as:

– They are all about outside hobbies
– They offer courses on permaculture
– They want people to understand their idea of a more environmentally friendly world

Overall they are aimed at making other people think about the future sustainability of our world.

Rak Tamachat is made of 75 acres with 13 fulltime community members and hosts guests and students year round. The huge farm provides a perfect classroom environment to educate students about how a mono-culture can be transited to a sustainable “Permaculture Agriculture”.

Here you can learn more about the “Sufficiency of Economy Theory” of the King of Thailand. It’s enthralling to work in gardens in the mornings that are delightful and pleasant, cook the harvest and relax after a more fulfilling day.

The community comprises of international as well as local Thai people and so, there is a huge scope to learn about a variety of cultures, their flavors, and many new things, and that’s what is done exactly here.

Getting a feeling of something you are familiar with? Seems similar to camping? Or hiking? Cooking in the nature? Sleeping under the open starry skies? Yes, you can enjoy all that very much here! So, why to wait? Head towards the nature – the more natural, more holistic life is beckoning you – enjoy it!

Rak Tamachat living

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