Fishing Knots Every Angler Should Learn

While you go on a refreshing fishing trip, you need to know some basic techniques and learning basic knots is one of the most useful one. You get to learn a lot about tying lines together, or tying lure in a loop, etc. However learning how to make knots is an essential thing to know. is a place to learn a lot of useful knots in an easy way. Here are some knots.

Palomar Knot

The Palomar knot is perhaps the closest to a 100% knot. The knot which has a higher breaking strength even than the line itself is a 100% knot. It is a super easy knot when you tying to a lure, hook or swivel. The greatest benefit of this knot is it needs no modification when tying braids and superlines directly to a lure. It will never slip. One more great use of this knot is tying your line to the spool. This knot is also extremely useful while tying a leader to swivel which is already tied to your main line. You just have to pass the tag end and the line through the loop you would have for lure.

fishing knots

Surgeon’s End Loop

This is also a very easy knot besides being multipurpose. Simply tie this knot in x-large size to get a big loop upon completion. Next go below about a third of the way down one side and cut your line. Now on this new short portion of the line you tied on your unweighted fly and it will float away from your main line. Next simply tie your jig to the longer tag end. This knot is also useful for tying to lures and baits. It is very useful while tying to tungsten ice jigs. It reduces jig spin; spinning of jig looks unnatural due to which larger fish don’t pay heed to it.surgeon's end loop


Double Uni

This knot is a must-know in the times of fluorocarbon and superlines. If you are fed up of a Blood knot and find it too difficult, you will love Doube Uni. This knot is useful while tying two lines together. An important thing to remember is you will have to do some more wraps for the line which is smaller in diameter. If you are tying two lines that are similar in diameter, ensure that you tie each side of the knot in a similar fashion. The most beautiful thing about this knot is as more tension is applied to it, it gets still stronger.

duoble unit

Simple Snell Knot

You may know many different Snell Knots. This simple Snell knot is the combination of two other knots, namely the Hair Rig and the Egg Loop. You can use it for Walleye, Steelhead and Catfish.

Simple snell Knot

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