Australian Camp Fishing – Some Useful Tips

Australian Camp Fishing

It’s a great joy to combine camping and fishing together in Australia as fishing is a beautiful component of Aussie culture and there are numerous camping destinations all through the country where there are amazing fishing spots too. Just buy or rent a camper trailer and head out with your near and dear ones on an unforgettable adventure.

Should You Select a Particular Time?

Yes, you better do. It’s because fishing is quite seasonal and even if you go fishing in the season, you should carefully choose the time of the day too. Time of the year and time of the day to catch specific fish species differ a lot.

Use a Fish Finder

Using a fish finder is perhaps the best strategy to get your hands on your desired fish species. A fish finder is a device that uses a GPS to locate the fish. To find the speed, sight-lines and depth of the fish, it also uses sonar and frequency system. Thus this device is very useful especially while exploring an unknown territory. Read reviews of various fish finders and choose the best one to suit your needs.

Fish Species

Australia is blessed with many freshwater and saltwater fish species occurring at different times of the year throughout the country. Here are some species and the spots where they occur.


Trevally occurs in three prominent varieties in Australia, viz. golden trevally, silver trevally and giant trevally. The most aggressive variety is giant trevally and is at the top of the food chains in almost all habitats. Giant trevallies occur in large numbers in the northern parts of Australia and Southeast Asia. They can weigh more than 80 kg.

Golden trevallies are much tinier than their giant cousins and commonly occur all through the coastal parts of Queensland.

Silver trevallies occur all through Australia, but several colonies occur in Western Australia, most commonly in Shark Bay and Albany.


There are three varieties of even whiting in Australia viz. yellowfin, sand whiting and King George. It’s a thin and small fish occurring in the vicinity of shallow bays, seashore and inshore outlets in most parts of the country.


Australia has a great variety of cods ranging from black to purple to even gold. But the most famous cod here is the Murray cod, which is the largest freshwater fish species in Australia and can grow up to more than one meter and weigh more than 25 kg. Winter is the best time to catch Murray cod and a camper trailer is an awesome option for winter camping and fishing together. However remember that eating cod is not recommended.


This is by far the most popular fish species among Australian anglers. It occurs in both saltwater and freshwater, but freshwater variety is much larger. It occurs in almost all parts of northern Australia with the Northern Territory and Queensland being the prime spots for this species.

So, when are you getting your best fishing lures, rod and reel, and setting out in a camper trailer?

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