3 Essential Things to Know while Learning Rock Climbing

There are so many ways we can enjoy outdoors. Rock climbing is one of them. But most people skip it just because it’s quite laborious and exhausting. In comparison, trekking includes just walking (most of the times) and so, easier. However, if you learn that rock climbing is good for your physical and mental health and downright fun, you might be interested to learn and perform it.

Yes, the fact is that rock climbing connects you closely to nature. Plus, due to the resilient body movements required by rock climbing, most of your muscles are worked out and strengthened. And once you learn it, it offers you great fun and enjoyment.

1. Basic Techniques before You Hit the Rock

You need some basic climbing techniques to prepare your arms, feet and other body movements before you hit the actual rock. E.g. climbers make use of the big toe to climb because it enables your feet to rotate on the footholds and arms have to be as extended as possible to save energy. The best way to learn these techniques is to keep visiting an outdoor blog related to rock climbing and enroll in a climbing class where an expert instructor will teach you.

2. What Should You Carry for the First Time?

For bouldering, you’ll need only climbing shoes, a pad and chalk. However, roped rock climbing is slightly more technical and you’ll need a rope and a harness. You can find these products from a climbing shop or online.

Shoes should be tight but should be comfortable. Choosing a chalk and chalk bag depends on your own choice and it’s recommended to fix the bag around the hip with a cord, because it you secure it with a carabiner, it will keep moving and rotating a lot. For the harness, it’s better to visit a climbing shop and seek advice from an assistant there before buying one.

3. Which Location to Choose to Learn Climbing?

It’s not best to learn climbing indoors in a gym, but it’s definitely easier because all facilities are provided to you and also, you feel safer than outdoors. Bouldering is the easiest to learn in a climbing gym. You can quickly progress to bouldering outside where you just have to carry a pad with you along with your climbing shoes and chalk.

After learning the basic techniques and belaying and safety skills, you can progress towards top rope climbing. The risk of falling is less compared to lead climbing and so, you can focus on your movements. And when you learn the belaying and safety methods thoroughly, you can turn to lead climbing. All the best!

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