Wonderful Tips to Make Your Camping Trip Extremely Fun

camping tipsAre you among those who didn’t happen to be “happy campers” in the end of a camping trip? Well, if you left camping because of that, it’s better to consider starting it once again because there are so many new innovations in camping that it’s increasingly becoming an activity full of fun. Plus, if you take the time to plan out your trip well (which is not a very complicated task), you are certainly going to enjoy your trip. Here are a few useful tips.

Tips for Planning

Do Mock Camping at Home

You certainly don’t want to sleep under the sky just because you couldn’t pitch your tent. The solution is easy – try mock camping at home and test not only the tent but all the camping gear you’ve newly bought if they are working fine and you can open and shut them properly. You can arrange a fun mock camping trip in your backyard or even in your living room on a weekend and your kids will be super excited because kids love indoor camping.

Do Mock Camping at Home

First-timers – Camp Near Home

When you have newly started camping and especially if it’s your first time, it’s always a good idea to camp somewhere near your home. That way, if something goes wrong you and your family are not in a place or situation that lacks any chances of help.

Check Reviews of Campsites

Another good idea is that before visiting a campsite, check what others have to say about it. It’s quite frustrating when you rely on the campsite’s advertisement and arrive there only to see all or most of their claims are not so true. When you find a campground, find as many reviews as you can about it and check well if the site is comfortable, has good infrastructure and is family-friendly.

Check Maps before Booking

When it comes to booking a campsite after you check one well and read reviews to find that it suits your needs, one more precaution to take is to study the maps of the campsite. Make sure you are not close to large drop offs or there is not any sort of water just near your tent, especially when your kids are with you. Also, check if there is a restroom just close by but not neighboring you because it can become busy in the middle of the night to disturb your sleep.

It’s Better to Leave Your Four-legged or Winged Friends at Home

It’s agreed that you love your pets. It’s observed that a lot of animals behave just fine in a campsite environment; however, it’s also observed that some very well behaved dogs act weird on campgrounds. The behavior may be from yours or your fellow camper’s dog and may shock you because it’s without any warning. Therefore it’s better to hire a dog sitter when you are camping. Also, there may be campers around you who are not very comfortable with animals and you need to respect their feelings (& health).

Tips for Camping Gear

Don’t Mind Spending a Little More on Camp Chairs

There are cheap camping chairs available but you get what you pay for. Think about the length of time you will spend sitting around the campfire. This period may be very uncomfortable for you if your body is not properly supported. Thus it’s a good idea to spend a little extra to get a comfy chair/s like these Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chairs.

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chairs

Get a Lantern

If you have some camping experience, you may agree that bugs are the real camping spoilsports. If you want to keep them away, you can rely on a good lantern like AYL Starlight Lantern which is waterproof and shockproof. It’s ultra-long-lasting and ensures you have a bug-free time during your camping while illuminating your space in the dark nights.

AYL Starlight Lantern

Get a Screened In Tent

Another fantastic way to save yourself from bugs is to get a screened in tent. E.g. this Coleman screened tent is spacious enough to accommodate 6 people and is made of high-quality materials. You can even place it over your picnic table to keep bugs away from falling in your food and use it all the time to get protection from the annoying flies and mosquitoes.

Coleman screened tent

Tips for Packing

Prepare Camp-ready Meals at Home

While eating fresh, hot meals out in the wilderness can be exciting, cooking it can be time-consuming too. You can reduce this cooking time by preparing camp-ready meals at home and carry it to your trip. For example, campfire-ready sticks of chicken kabobs or ingredients of a tin foil dinner sliced and packed in Ziplock bags before leaving the home are good options. Saving time on cooking will let you have more time for enjoying other fun outdoor activities.

Pack Comfy

Numerous times you might have read “pack light” while camping. But if that’s going to be translated as uncomfortable and will make you sleep on cold rocky ground or stuff your face with fire burnt marshmallows, that’s opposite the idea we mentioned in the beginning – the modern innovative fun camping – you are not going to enjoy it. So, focus on packing comfy rather than packing light and take with you everything that’s necessary to make you relaxed. Today there are so many types camping gear available that offer you comfort, like air mattresses, blankets, cots, hammocks, sleeping bags, pillows and more. You should pack these essentially if you want to make your camping comfortable and fun.

hanging chaise lounger chair

Pack Extra Blankets

Out in the wilderness, temperature can drop to horribly low levels in the middle of the night and if you don’t have extra blankets, your trip will be far from being comfortable. So, don’t forget to pack some. A Coleman Brazos cool weather sleeping bag is very useful for this purpose too.

Coleman Brazos cool weather sleeping bag

Use Storage Totes

You might have felt the pain while trying to fit your tent back in the bag you got it packed in. A great solution is using storage totes for hassle-free packing. You can fit multiple items in your storage container and they also fit well in the back of your vehicle.

Let There be Tweezers in Your First Aid Kit

Tweezers will be helpful if you get a sliver while setting up a campfire this season.

Pack Ample Water

A day under the bright sun can be fun but can also be dehydrating. It’s advisable to drink at least 16 ounces of water every hour, particularly during high energy activities like hiking. Kids should be made drink water without fail.

Pack Extra Padding

It’s nice to have some of the inflatable air mattresses now available in stores. Today most of them keep their air all through the night. You can also use camping cots and hammocks that will keep you totally off the ground. If these are not affordable options for you, you can get several other padding solutions on the market.

outdoor vitals underquilt sleeping bag

Ear Plugs

You go camping to get a quiet. But your fellow campers may not understand this. They may bring a barking dog with them or a music system that may disturb all the calm. In such a situation, ear plugs will offer you the desired peace by cutting off the noise.

Tips for Campground

Arrive Early

Especially if the check-in time for your campground is around 3 or 4 pm, it’s advisable to reach on the earlier side because if you are new to pitching a tent and haven’t practiced enough as mentioned in one of our initial tips, it cannot be a very good experience to do that in the falling dusk. And all in all, if you are coming to the site for the first time, it’s overall advisable to arrive at an unknown place in broad daylight.

Don’t Run Away from Dirt

Remember camping is not a fashion parade. Camping is for embracing nature and enjoying it. You have to leave all your formalities behind and enjoy freedom here. You are here to live life to the fullest and hop, jump, run and play. Naturally you can become sweaty and dirty like never before; but that’s what camping is all about. Just remember to visit the shower room before going to bed so that you are clean while sleeping to get a better sleep to get refreshed after an active day.

Keep Eatables in the Vehicle

You don’t want mice, raccoons and other wildlife visit your campsite for the food kept in the open. It’s better to keep your eatables and coolers inside your vehicle where it can’t be reached easily by the wild animals.

Don’t Forget Games

Camping can be the best time for the entire family to play games like cards and board games together. So, don’t forget to bring them. There are so many innovative games and outdoor activities available today that can make your camping time extremely fun and active.

bicycle poker size standard index playing cards

Be Prepared for Weather Changes

Ideally you should get a campground map upon arrival at the campsite. The map instructs about safe building in an event of severe weather. Make sure you check it out and drive by the location prior to setting up your tent.

Take Care of Your Kids

There are sorrowful stories every year of children getting injured or even killed while camping with family and friends. If there is water near your campground, make sure you bring life jackets and also a smaller sized safety kit on hiking trails. Also have a talk with your kids about beware of strangers.

Dry Out Tent Before Storing

If you get rains during your camping trip, your tent is going to be all wet and in that case, make sure you dry it out before you put it in the bag to use for your next trip. Leaving it wet while storing can cause growth of mold and mildew.

We hope that with these tips you will no more want to shy away from camping as it will be extremely fun for you.

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