7 Useful Tips to Make Your First Tent Camping Experience Enjoyable

Tent CampingThe idea of tent camping may seem attractive to you because it can offer you an escape from your hectic and boring routine life and the company of greenery, beautiful landscapes and fresh, open air. However, if you are tent camping for the first time, your experience should be pleasing and not scary so as to make you leave the idea of tent camping forever. Here are a few tips for that.

1. Practice Pitching the Tent at Home

You have bought one of the best camping tents and you are confident that you can easily pitch it once you reach the campsite because its description tells you so. However, not everyone can set a tent that easily. If you find that you reach the site at such a moment when sunlight will be present only for a few minutes, you surely won’t like to test your camp-setting skills.

It’s better to read all the instructions and practice them when you are in the safe environment of your home or backyard. This will give you the feel of what to fit where and also will speed up the actual process at the campsite so that you can get more time for camping fun.

2. Research about the Campsite

Especially when you are tent camping for the first time, you surely won’t be in a mood to face a lot of difficulties. In that case, it’s a good idea to research about the campsite ahead of time and make sure it’s full of amenities and you and your family won’t get into any trouble. Also, make sure that there is a reservation facility available and then reserve the best site to avoid the hassle and disappointment of not getting a place to pitch your tent.

3. Carry Campfire-ready Foods

You don’t need to sacrifice good food just because you don’t have a kitchen at your campsite. You can still prepare and carry tasty foods that can be quickly cooked on campfire like kabobs, sausages, chops, sandwiches etc. You can carry them in sealed plastic bags, which will keep them fresh.

Campfire-ready Foods

4. Prepare for a Good Night Sleep

When you are out in the wilderness and want to roam there for the entire day, a good night sleep is essential, but sleeping in a tent doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. You just have to bring some sort of restful sleeping pad or even an inflatable mattress. They will make your camping trip much more fun by making you well-rested.

Prepare for a Good Night Sleep

5. Make Your Tent Waterproof

Although incredibly beautiful, Mother Nature can sometimes bring some surprises too. You may not always be able to predict how weather would be. While everything is sunny and fine at a minute, the next minute it may start raining. Therefore you should be always prepared.

Look for the best tents which can withstand any weather by reading reviews on the Outdoor Gear Guru. Or else, you can even make your existing tent waterproof by spraying your pitched tent from left to right, top to bottom and even zippers with a silicone sealant. This will keep you and your gear dry and safe inside the tent even during the downpour.

6. Prefer Weekdays for the Trip to Weekends

If you want the real peace away from the city crowds, prefer week days to weekends for your camping trips. Since everyone wants to escape from city life, campsites are often jam-packed on weekends.

a campsite on a weekend

7. Use Campsite Amenities

By far, you can get the following amenities at most campsites:

  • Picnic tables, fire pits and water spouts
  • Hot showers
  • Clean restrooms
  • Level ground to set up your tent
  • Wi-fi

And there can even be many more!

Don’t fail to make use of these amenities because they are designed to make your trip safe and fun.

Use Campsite Amenities

All these tips will help you make your first tent camping experience enjoyable so you will feel like having it more often.

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