4 Amazing Tips on What to Wear on Your Camping Trips

If you will be going on a camping trip for the first time, you certainly need tips on what to carry with you. Well, apart from the essentials like your rucksack, food, tent, torch etc, it’s also important to think what to wear in the wilderness. Here are some tips.

1. Consider Your Location and Weather

Of course, weather is an important factor to consider while thinking on which clothes to wear on your camping trip. So, do some research on your location and weather there. Is it prone to rains or snow? If the weather is unpredictable, layering is a better option. And even if it’s summer, nights are always cold outdoors. Hence layering is a must at least at bedtime.

However, during the daytime in the summer, you can add style to your personality while having the necessary coolness and comfort at the same time, with this amazing ‘Happy Hour’ t-shirt which features a beautiful picture of a camper resting in a hammock under the shining sun! You will feel nice to wear this tee as it exactly denotes your relaxing time!

happy hour hammock t-shirt

2. Have Perfect Footwear

You may play with your clothes to look fashionable even in the wilderness, but don’t play with your feet as they are the ones which will take you through jungles and mountains. Have a sturdy, high quality pair of boots that will protect your feet from several calamities, like sharp thorns, insects, slippage and more.

3. Try Combos

You want a regular change in clothes and at the same time you don’t want to carry heavy baggage. Sometimes you may even wish to carry only one backpack. In such a scenario, trying various combos of the clothes available is the key. Pack 1-2 items in each category, such as one short sleeve, one tank top, one pant, one long sleeve, one trendy t-shirt like the above etc. and try various pairings, particularly if you will be going only for a weekend.

4. Be Minimalist

Remember that when you are out on camping, you can’t freshen up like when you are in your city. Wear cute hats, braids or buns to tame hair. Use a dry shampoo to minimize the build-up feel. As far as possible, leave your makeup kit at home. If you can’t live without it, keep it very light with a tinted chopstick and some mascara for example. Don’t forget face wipes so as to wipe it at bedtime.

With these tips, your camping trip will be smooth, cool and light. Happy camping!

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