Top Tips to Find Just the Right Portable Power Supply for Camping

You’ve packed your tent, sleeping bag, food and water and apparently everything you think you will need on your camping trip. But have you forgotten something? Yes, you have! It’s a power supply. If you don’t want to spoil your camping fun due to the darkness at the site after the nightfall, you should have a good portable power supply with you. There are many on the market. How will you choose a perfect one? Let’s see.

Generators or Battery Packs

When portable power source is needed, most people think of generators. However, generators are not actually very great for camping. Besides the fact that you have to purchase and carry fuel for them, you may run into issues with them due to campground rules.

Many campgrounds straightaway forbid the use of generators or have a limited time for them. The reason for this is that generators release fumes and are usually noisy, due to which they can spoil the outdoor experience for everyone nearby.

Obviously you will need power in the evening and it’s the very time when generators are prohibited at campgrounds. And even if you are not on a campground, generators are quite loud and the wilderness is peaceful, and your own sleep can be interrupted.

This creates a major problem with generators if you want to charge gadgets, blow up air mattresses or use important devices like sleep apnea masks while you sleep.

The good news is that portable power supply for camping are powerful and quiet at the same time and they can be used without disturbing Mother Nature or your fellow campers.

What to Look for in Portable Power Pack?

While all power packs are quiet as compared to generators, don’t need fuel and can be used inside your tent, caravan or RV, there are other features that matter. Here are some.

Solar Charging Compatibility: With solar panels, you are able to capture the sun during the daytime, store the energy in power pack and use it to power your campsite peacefully at night. Unless the weather is very bad, a solar system of a proper size can work for your campsite indefinitely.

Connections for Different Devices: An ideal power pack should have 12V cigarette-lighter style power sockets, USB charging points and a 120VAC plug that can power laptops, TVs etc.

High Battery Capacity: You need a power pack that can have some serious power. Campsite appliances like lights, percolators, tea-makers, hot plates, slow cookers etc need significant amount of power. For example, if you go for camping for a few days, you will need coffee every morning.

Also, most power packs are able to discharge only a percentage of their optimum capacity. If a lead-acid battery power pack claims that it offers 48ah capacity at 12VDC, actually it will only discharge around 24ah before the voltage becomes too low to be used.

Considering all these things can help you find just the right portable power supply for your camping trip and you can enjoy your camping to the fullest with it.

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