Top 3 Reasons Why Should You Use Carbon Steel Fire Striker

Your camping survival kit should essentially consist of some staples, like a first aid kit, a high quality flashlight and a strong folding knife, among which a reliable fire striker is the most important. It ensures to keep you warm and feed you with fresh, hot food. These are the two most important objectives of yours while caught in wilderness or storm, and a good fire starter helps you with them. Among all the types of fire strikers, you better choose carbon steel fire strikers. Why? Here are reasons.

1. Long-lasting

It’s a fact and not a joke, that you can hand over a carbon steel fire striker to your future generations! Unless you lose them, these steel strikers last for a really long time. If you fail to be careful and leave them in a damp place, they rust a little. But the rust can be sanded or scraped away to make the striker look as good as a new one. Because the stone scrapes off only a micro-silver of the steel, there is adequate metal on a striker to make hundreds of thousands of sparks and thousands of fires. So, steel strikers can last for centuries!

2. Withstand All Kinds of Weather

The term outdoor adventure embraces a wide variety of conditions and weathers are one of them. You may have to face severe cold, snow and rains. Your carbon steel fire striker is your friend in all conditions. As long as you own a sharp piece of stone which can scrape against your striker, you will get the spark. This method forms a red hot spark by striking high carbon steel piece against a hard stone edge (like a flint or similar type of stone). The spark is to be caught in fire charred material and placed in dry tinder irrespective of weather.

3. Versatile

One more reason you should carry the carbon steel fire striker always in your survival kit is its versatility. You don’t need a specialized stone for striking a fire; any common rock with a dense structure and sharp edge is just fine and the striker can create a fire from it. Also you can use a variety of char, including plant fibers, tinder, rotten wood, and so on.

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