9 Amazing Things You Should Know about Truck Camping

A truck is a fantastic vehicle in the sense that it’s tough on rugged roads, and in rains or snow, has a large capacity, and is quite comfortable. Don’t you think, these are the ideal qualities for camping? Truck camping is today’s hottest trend for a reason. It’s an offbeat way of camping which is capable of offering some more awesome camping moments than the regular much-tried methods. If you want to go the truck camping way, here are a few things you’d like to know.

1. What is Truck Camping?

Simply put, truck camping is camping inside your truck instead of a tent. You can prefer to have truck tents or combine a pickup truck and canopy. In any way, it’s centered on your truck. Truck camping is a unique experience, much easier and more comfortable, and so, more enjoyable than regular tent camping or traveling.

2. Truck Camping Lets You Enjoy More

Since you’ve a vehicle with you, you are less tired and can enjoy more. Whenever you see scenic views around, you can get down and take a walk, or start a fire and cook a delicious meal and relish it in the beautiful natural environment. Stop your truck by a water body, take a swim, fish for some time, and take a boat ride if possible. Then you can come back and drive your truck further. Having a truck at your service is especially useful when you have a mountainous terrain ahead. Having wonderful vistas around is particularly rewarding when you’re not tired and exhausted by trekking or hiking. This is especially gratifying when you have your family with you.

3. You’ll Find Truck Camping Superior to Tent Camping

You may think otherwise, but considering the benefits of truck camping over tent camping, you too may agree that truck camping is more amazing than tent camping. Here are a few.

  • Your truck or truck tent provides you the desired comfort and safety when weather changes suddenly from good to bad on your campsite
  • You get safety from animals visiting your camp
  • You won’t have to sleep on rocks; your truck provides you a soft bed
  • Your truck tent won’t be blown away by high winds
  • You will feel quieter in your truck tent than in a land tent

4. Truck Camping is Far More Affordable than Hotels

Truck camping is an affordable mode of travel, especially if you’re passionate about travel but short of cash or it just makes sense to travel and stay in your truck rather than in a hotel room and spend a hefty amount of cash as their charges per night. You can make your truck as comfortable as a hotel room and park it anywhere. While buying a truck can be an expensive affair, the option of renting one is always open and then you have to equip it with a truck tent, and you’re ready to go.

5. Choose a Perfect Sleeping Setup

Truck camping offers various options from truck tents, truck bed campers, roof top tents to pickup/canopy combo. You may choose to sleep in a sleeping bag or a comforter. But if you wish to sleep in a bed, you’ll certainly like to have something cozy underneath you which you can have in the form of a foldable mattress. It won’t consume a lot of space and will offer the desired comfort.

6. Keep Things Clean

When you want things to go smooth, you also have to take some basic efforts. You’ll have to keep your truck and its interior clean so that while camping, you can feel comfortable. Hauling things can bring in a lot of dirt in the truck, and especially your truck bed may be too dirty to sleep on it. It’s best to clean the interior after every camping trip and seal it, so that your truck stays clean till your next trip. Close windows and seal any leaks in your hatch/cover with a weather tape.

7. You can Carry Other Vehicles and Playthings

One of the best things about truck camping is that you can carry other vehicles like bicycles, tricycles and even boats with you in your truck. Once you reach your campsite, you can take a bike ride or boat ride, and your kids can enjoy riding tricycles. So also, you can take a lot of other playthings for kids, fishing gear, chairs, tables and more, not to mention clothing and bedding of all types, to make your camping life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

8. Ensure Waterproof Storage

While you can carry a lot other things when you’ve a truck, accommodating them all in the vehicle may be a concern. In such a scenario, you can organize your camping gear, cooking equipment, clothes and other items and store them in separate waterproof bags or containers, so that you can store them outside the truck at night while you’re sleeping. Precious and delicate things like electronics should be stored inside though.

9. Increase Storage Space by Creating a Raised Platform

When you are going to sleep inside your truck, there are so many tricks you can implement to increase your storage space. One of them is to create a raised platform to sleep on and you can store much of your luggage underneath. Storing things inside will ensure their safety from pests, wild animals and weather elements.

We hope that your truck camping trip will become amazing with these tips. So, have you started planning one?

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