Knowing More about Small Paddle Boats for Fishing

If you want to go fishing in a boat, which should not be very big-sized, a small plastic boat with paddle wheels is ideal for you because it can be used for fishing, as well as a leisurely trip on a quiet river or lake. If you want to install an electric motor on such a boat, you can do that to get extra propulsion. These boats use paddle wheels instead of propeller for propulsion. Let’s try to get answers to some common questions about small paddle wheel fishing boats.

Is a paddle boat and a pedal boat same?

They are not same but are similar. The difference lies in the fact that in a pedal boat feet are used to power the boat, while in a paddle boat, paddle wheels power the boat. Therefore most pedal boats are paddle boats too.

Can I Install a Trolling Motor to my Paddle Boat? Which Type?

Yes, you can. Actually paddle boats are bought with many purposes like fishing, swimming and more. If you want to install an electric motor, better you install first a trolling motor bracket, because if you just hang a motor on the boat’s side, reaching the controls of the motor will be difficult. Storing the battery is another issue. You can get some models on the market having motors built in.

Is a Paddle Boat Usable on Rivers?

This is a tricky question. The answer depends on your stamina and speed of water. Paddle boats are not speed boats with varying speeds and so, a general rule may be paddling by the sides of the current is fine if the current is running at a speed of less than 4 miles per hour. Installing a hidden electric motor at the bottom of your paddle boat is a good strategy.

What to Do if My Water is Brackish or Salt?

Paddle boats are mostly used in fresh water and therefore are designed that way. In cheaper models, pedal drives and other parts get rusted fast. You can choose to buy mechanism made in stainless steel for cheaper models, but the fact still remains that other important metal parts get rusted or corroded soon.

Which Material is Perfect for a Paddle Boat?

Plastic/HDPE is the best when toughness is concerned. However it falls short when the hull is beached on dirt or sand. Fiberglass is by far the most preferred material amongst boaters. However there are ways to protect your plastic boat, like getting a roll-n-go shore docking station which puts the boat on carpeted bunks. This greatly increases the life of the boat. ABS is good mid-point plastic for a paddle boat, since it is lighter and harder than RAMX/HDPE and you can seal it well between the deck and the hull. ABS is a bit pricier but is more beneficial too. Aluminum is another good choice of material. But it has two big shortages that it has no foam and it conducts electricity. So, in a storm either a plastic or a fiberglass boat is better.

Can a Paddle Boat Beached without Harming Paddle Blades?

Most paddle boats can be safely beached with only a few exceptions. Most have kick up rudders too, though not all. Ensure that you are getting it as you cannot guess that from photos or descriptions.

Thus if you choose a paddle boat with a motor or without one but with an ability to get it installed later, you should consider the above points to get your hands on the best piece which will suit all your needs and can offer you a real enjoyment.

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