Top 4 Tips to Make Your RVing Safe and Fun

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Post COVID, RVing has become much more popular than ever before. It’s because it can easily meet the social distancing needs. You don’t have to struggle for airline tickets and hotel booking, and still, you can enjoy vacationing outdoors. RVers can easily avoid the crowded tourist destinations, and enjoy a serene campsite with their family and friends, cook their own healthy meals, and take pleasure in the company of nature. Are you wondering where to go for holidays after the lockdown has been lifted? If you are, consider RVing. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few useful tips for you.

1. Make Bookings in Advance

Although you don’t have to struggle for hotel booking while RVing, you might have to research and book your desired campsite in advance. If you’d be booking an RV and also planning to stay at one of the RV hotels USA, you’ll have to also book one as soon as possible. The benefit of booking earlier is that the sooner you book one, the more money you’d save. This is particularly true during peak travel seasons like summer. Prices may go up the closer you get to your travel date.

2. Choose the Destination Thoughtfully

As such, RVing is about the freedom to go wherever you want. However, there are a few places that are better (for RVers) than others. Destinations like lakes, national parks, state parks are the best destinations for RV travel. They offer a range of activities, along with campgrounds on-site or close by.

On the contrary, big cities are the least ideal places to explore by an RV. They don’t usually have RV parks or RV hotels. So, you need to park somewhere outside the city and then drive into the city to explore.

3. Research the Campground

Don’t forget that not all campgrounds are the same. It’s important to research what amenities are available there before booking. Public campgrounds, such as the ones available in state parks, are usually free or low-cost and offer great vicinity of nature. However, they may be short of amenities like water hookups and electricity.

If you’ll be traveling with kids or pets, it becomes also important to check whether the campground is kid-friendly and pet-friendly. Do they offer playgrounds and activities for young ones? However, if they have these amenities, you should also check whether they charge extra fees for them.

Some campgrounds may even charge something called ‘kid tax’. This is an extra fee per night per child. It may even sometimes be as much as 5$ per kid. This is typically an indication that it isn’t a particularly family-friendly campground.

4. Practice Driving and Parking

Although an RV doesn’t require a special driver’s license, driving and parking an RV is a bit different than driving and parking a standard car as RVs are taller and heavier. They tend to make wider turns and also need more braking time than a small car. Therefore, it’s essential to practice especially turning, slowing down, braking and parking the RV to avoid any unpleasant incidence.

Whether you’re looking for exploring your own state or the neighboring ones, RV travel is the best way to do it as it’s fun and safe. You’ll just have to research and check things, and practice driving an RV, and then you’ll have the most fun RV trip. Happy holidays!

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