Game Cameras for Camping – Things to Consider

If you go camping particularly for photographing wildlife, I must say that you are in one of the best hobbies. Capturing wild creatures in their natural habitat is amazing. If you are a hunter, you can use game cameras to decide the quality of the game with the help of an area, pattern and size of the games on specific pieces of land. With game cams there are high chances of success during hunting. Cameras have evolved significantly since they were initially used for this purpose in the 1800s. Today’s game cameras feature technological sophistication leading us from films to going digital and even Wi-Fi compatible cameras are now available that can send images to our mobile phones. Let’s see what you should consider about a game camera for your next camping expedition.

Game cams have an extensive variety of features with pluses and minuses for each of them. Based on the purpose of the camera, some features like a time-lapse mode, useful to take images periodically without the need of triggering the sensor of the camera, may not be required.

All game cams feature a sensor that gets activated when a movement or game appears before the view of the camera, and the camera can then take still images, a series of still images or video recording of the movements.

The main thing you should look for in your game cam is megapixels. The higher they are, the better will be your picture. Other features to look for are quicker trigger time, more speed of the camera to take pictures and passive infrared or PIR. A quicker trigger time makes you get a better record of what the camera saw. The PIR sensor decides the range of activation of the sensor. The wider the PIR angle the more opportunities you get of capturing whatever triggers the cam.

You will also have to think upon whether you want an incandescent or infrared camera. The benefit of infrared is it won’t emit a visible flash so games cannot be spooked at night. Incandescent camera flashes like a standard camera letting its location to be known and scaring games away, but takes clearer pictures even at nighttime.

Game cam can also act as a cheaper alternative to surveillance cameras, not only during your camping trip, but also at your home.

Even you can use your game cam as a nanny cam, for security and also for education and observation.

Depending upon the purpose for which you will use your camera the most, you can choose the features and make most of it on your camping venture.


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