4 Useful Tips to Make Your Teardrop Camping Amazing

teardrop trailer

If you’re not very excited with the idea of pitching a tent and living into it on your camping trip, you’ll certainly love the idea of a camping trailer, and a teardrop trailer is one of the most convenient options. You don’t have to buy a full-fledged camping van, but just this trailer which you can tow behind the car you already have and it makes a far more secure, comfortable and wonderful portable home than a tent. Here are a few useful tips to make your teardrop camping amazing.

1. Power to Your Teardrop Trailer

The electric power capabilities of teardrop trailers may vary from basic to advanced, depending on the amenities they include. These trailers can be powered by various power sources, such as:

Solar panels – If you have plenty of sunshine, you can benefit from solar panels which recharge your battery. You can affix them to the roof or carry them as portable units.

City power inlet – You can plug into a local power supply at a campsite or any other location to run electrical appliances or air conditioning.

Batteries meant for deep cycle such as AGM and LiFePO4 batteries – These come in several capacities/sizes as per various power needs.

Gas-powered generator – You can power up your trailer with a gas-powered generator.

Vehicle connection – When the trailer is being towed behind your vehicle, with proper wiring it can recharge your battery on the road.

teardrop trailer powered while driving

2. Dealing with the Elements

Strong wind, rain or snow can ruin your outdoor fun; however, you can always enjoy the cozy interior of your teardrop trailer and pass quality time reading books, playing cards or other games or listening to music, with your family and/or friends or even alone.

However, entering or exiting your trailer can be a challenge, for example, during late night bathroom visits. Advanced planning helps here. You can install simple awnings extending over the side doors can provide a dry porch to put rainy shoes and outerwear on or off. Scouting the paths to campsite facilities is a good idea if it’s possible.

Another challenge the winds and storms can pose is cooking while teardrop camping. Most teardrop trailers come with a kitchen galley that offers valuable overhead protection when the hatch is open while winds and rain are blocked by soft side wings. Since it’s located off the rear, you’ll need to brave the elements to some level for camp cooking. Fortunately, you can buy easy set-up shelters to cover the full kitchenette and can stay dry or even free from bugs.

cozy interior of teardrop trailer

3. Safety Tips

You should take some precautions to ensure the safety of you and your teardrop trailer, while camping in the wilderness.

First off, once you reach the campsite, make sure your teardrop is safe. Using a tongue wheel or jockey to move your trailer around is a good idea. It will prevent anyone from driving in, hooking up and taking off with it. A better theft protection is to use alarm systems and motion lights to deter the villains. Coupler cover locks, wheel boots and security chain locks will prevent or at least hold up even the most determined thief.

Lastly, you can install tracking devices to help quick recovery, if at all your trailer disappears.

While leaving your teardrop for the day, make sure you lock down windows and doors and close shades. Leaving a light or radio on is a good idea to pretend as if someone is inside.

teardrop trailer safety

4. Driving with a Teardrop

Teardrops are quite easy to haul. Most types of vehicles can tow a teardrop as long as the tow rating is above the trailer’s weight. E.g. even a motorbike having a 1,300CC engine can tow a 450 lbs. teardrop. Still, you can follow these tips:

  • Never overload your trailer or vehicle. Balance your cargo weight while loading your teardrop.
  • Verify your connections twice or thrice before leaving. Make sure that the safety chains are crossed and connected, hitch is properly secured and lights are working. Hit your brakes, lights and blinkers to make sure they are working properly.

Teardrop trailer is a great tool to enjoy camping. Choose the right one, take all the precautions and you’ll thank yourself for choosing this trailer. Happy teardrop camping!

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