4 Important Factors to Consider while Buying a Portable Solar Power Station

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Let’s face it, even while setting out on a camping trip to take a dip in the nature, and probably try a digital detox, we cannot keep our gadgets away. And of course, not only phones and tablets, but also many other gadgets are with us, for keeping us warm, cooking food, shooting wildlife, listening to music and watching movies and so on. No wonder, we require power every now and then while enjoying the venture. Previously something called power banks used to provide us the power. But now thanks to the solar power, we can pack a portable solar power station and can reliably power our electronics, that need much higher power than our good old power bank can offer.

All in all, getting yourself a portable solar power station is probably the best solution if you’re looking for a quiet and portable power source to charge your smartphone, laptop or TV. But with an overwhelming range of them available today, it’s easy to get confused. So, you’d like to know about a few things you should consider while buying a portable solar power station supplier.

1. What are Your Power Needs?

Probably, the first and foremost thing you should do before choosing a portable solar power station is to determine your power needs. You can do this easily by counting the devices you’ll be powering on your camping trip and their power consumption. Then you can look for a solar generator that can handle the total power consumption of your gadgets.

While choosing a solar panel system with generator, it’s advisable to select one with a little extra capacity to make sure you have sufficient power in case your requirements change or any unexpected power outages occur. Just with a bit of research and consideration, you can select the right portable solar eco generator that will meet your power needs and provide you clean and reliable energy.

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2. Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is the next important factor you should consider. It determines how long the power station can power your gadgets. It’s measured in watt-hours (Wh). The greater the watt-hour rating of the battery, the longer it can supply power.

Here you should give a thought to how long you’ll need to power your devices. This depends on the kind of devices you’ll be using and how much power they consume. E.g., a smartphone may consume around 10 watts per hour whereas a laptop may consume around 50 watts per hour. Once you calculate this, you can find out the total battery capacity you need. E.g., if you need to use your smartphone and laptop for 10 hours a day, you’ll need a battery capacity of minimum 600 Wh (50 watts x 10 hours + 10 watts x 10 hours).

Also, you should know that the actual battery life of RV solar panels may be less than the specified capacity due to factors like age, temperature and usage. Hence, it’s always recommended to buy a power station with a battery capacity higher than your actual needs to make sure you have adequate power supply.

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3. Charging Time

The time the portable solar power station takes to charge your devices is also an important factor to consider. A power station that takes a long time to charge may not be a good choice for your needs, particularly if you plan to use it often. So, look for a power station that can charge devices quickly through solar panels.

4. Type of Battery

Next factor to consider is the type of battery used in the power station. The most common type of batteries used in portable solar power stations is Lithium-ion batteries because they’re lightweight and have a higher energy density. However, they may be pricier than other types of batteries, like lead-acid batteries. So, you’ll have to set a budget and choose the type of battery accordingly.

Have these tips relieved your confusion about how to choose the right portable solar power station for your RVing? If they have, we’ll feel great. Do let us know and happy camping!

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