Types of Pistol Cases – Which One Will You Choose?

You may know what a pistol safe is and what its function is. But you may not know the various features and benefits it offers. There are many types of pistol safes and briefcases for hunting, and each has its own benefits. Many people think that a gun case may be either hard or soft. This is correct to some extent. However, there are several differences in functions and styles. You can go through each of them and decide which one will be the best for you.

Soft-sided Pistol Cases

These cases are pretty versatile and have several benefits. They are made of many types of fabrics or leather. They are noiseless, lightweight and easy to handle. Floating soft-sided cases are also available for waterfowlers. A duck-hunter’s gun case is normally waterproof and camouflaged to disappear when the ducks are overhead. What’s more, some cases can also be used as a seat cushion or pillow when you don’t use them as gun cases.

Downside of a soft case is it doesn’t offer as much protection to the gun as a hard case does.

Hard-sided Cases

A hard-sided case performs its function the best – protection to your weapon. As the term suggests, their exterior is hard and so, they protect the weapons from outside pressures. They feature foam padding from inside for protection and to keep the gun in place. The foam densities differ in different cases. For best protection of the gun, the foam should be dense. You can also customize the foam according to the shape of your firearm.

Materials: Hard gun cases are made from various materials from which their weight and strength is determined.

A standard material which forms tough and durable cases is aluminum. Many times cases are made from some other metal and are trimmed with aluminum to offer tight seems and solid latching abilities. Aluminum is lightweight too.

Another material is wood which gives the case a classic look. Wooden cases are often covered with leather or tweed for a more classic look. The downside of a wooden case is it’s heavy and impractical while traveling to your hunting destination. It also may not meet airline standards of weight.

Composite materials like fiber and plastic-reinforced compounds offer light weight and durability. You will find most composite cases with ribbed pattern, because of which it offers structural integrity and support, and greater resistance to impacts.

Waterproof hard gun cases have big pros and a little con. Pros are it saves your costly firearm from getting wet and other damage; this is especially useful when your weapon has a blued barrel and a wooden stock. A little con of a waterproof hard case may arise because of your fault. You should understand that as the case can seal the moisture out, it can seal it in too. So, if you handle your weapon with wet hands or in any way let the moisture in, it may damage your weapon. So, you should ensure that your waterproof case is absolutely dry from inside.

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