Practical Tips for Choosing the Best Hunting Clothes

hunting clothes buying guidePrehistoric man used to hunt for survival and today’s man hunts for recreational purpose with much advanced tools and specially designed clothes that improve the experience of hunting as a sport. If you are planning to start hunting, you will have to start preparing for it with hunting clothes and should know the various uses of them like camouflage and warmth. You can also get hunting clothes specially designed for children and women. If you have the right information, you can buy the right hunting clothes that will suit your particular needs and will make your hunting trip successful and comfortable.

Why to Use Hunting Clothes?

A range of factors are involved in hunting including different game, different climates and different hunting implements. So, hunting clothing too are available in a wide range and suit the needs of individual hunters. Since such a wide range of clothes are available, women no longer need to use men’s clothing as they have different physiques and needs. However, there are some basic purposes of hunting clothing such as safety, warmth and camouflage. To meet each of these purposes, different types of clothing are available.hunting clothes as per the need



As you know, hunting can involve hours of waiting, usually sitting without moving or moving very little and slowly in order not to frighten the potential game away. In such a situation, it’s always likely for the body temperature to drop down because of inactivity especially in winter season, and so, hunters need hunting clothes that can keep them warm.

To keep yourself properly warm in winter, it’s important to dress in layers. Ideally, the innermost layer should be of inner body suits that can be chosen based on weather conditions, such as hot weather or cold weather etc. For example, in cold weather this innermost body suit should seal in body heat and let the core temperature stay up. As this is the innermost layer, you should select it in such a way that it should fit your body; so, it should be appropriate for your size. If it’s exactly of your size, you won’t experience any discomfort. You can even wear t-shirts and shorts as your innermost layer if they are properly fitting.

The second layer should be hunting shirts and pants. These should comfortably fit in the innermost and outermost layers.

The third layer should consist of jackets and out suits. This layer will come in direct contact with the environment. The best hunting jackets have no loose ends that can potentially get trapped in branches and restrict free movement. Remember that game can very well detect movement even from very long distances.

wearing layers

Out suits are usually used in wet conditions and are normally waterproof so as to keep you dry as far as possible in rain or snow. You can even get non-waterproof suits; but a waterproof suit is preferable to ensure you remain dry in harsh weather conditions.

Apart from these three layers, you will also need hunting gloves and boots to protect your hands and feet.

While choosing all these components of your hunting attire, you should not avoid investing in each of them. If you are on a budget, you can go for factory seconds. These pieces have only minor defects which don’t affect their functionality. They are long-lasting and offer superior features regarding comfort and ergonomic designs.

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Should Your Clothes Have Pockets?

Yes, they should. Though you can carry good quality hunting backpacks, having a few extra pockets on your clothes doesn’t hurt. Hunting shirts, jackets and pants have pockets with Velcro or zipper protection. Keep in mind that game may be spooked upon hearing any unusual sound like that of Velcro opening. With zippers, such a sound can be limited to a minimum. Hidden pockets and padded pockets are also beneficial.

Which Colors to Choose?

When it’s about choosing colors, camo is supposed to be the best choice. However, you should also consider the rules for hunting of the area where you will be venturing. It is believed that most game are color blind, i.e. they cannot distinguish in different colors. This eliminates the argument of whether to wear camos or wear brightly colored outfit. Camos pose a problem that if the person wearing them gets injured, he cannot be located easily from a distance. And when it’s about spooking, movements cause spooks more than bright colors.

to wear bright colors or not

Women’s Hunting Clothes

When it’s about women’s hunting clothes, the rule of wearing three layers mentioned above remains the same. However, as the body structure of women is different from men, the straight cut of the men’s clothing doesn’t fit women and even makes it uncomfortable to wear.

Women’s hunting pants should be wide in the buttocks area and should have perfect seam lengths. This should be chosen carefully. It may not be important to have an exact length if seam length is perfect because extra long ends can be inserted inside the hunting boots.

Nowadays, women’s counterparts of every hunting accessory for men are available. From hunting shirts and hunting jackets to hunting body suits and hunting boots are easily available.

women's hunting clothes

Caring for Your Hunting Clothes

  • The first important thing you should do about your hunting clothes is to wash them after buying them before your first use. This may seem unnecessary to some. However, remember that often the fabric comes to the workshop, goes for production and then straight to store without being washed. So, these factory fresh fabrics contain traces of materials from weaving and spinning process which can eliminate some of an item’s properties. Therefore, it’s important to wash these clothes before the first use.
  • Never wash them in temperatures at or more than 86°F or 30°C or else the clothing will shrink. Also their heat-sealed zippers can be deactivated.
  • Use a mild and unscented detergent and never use a fabric softener as it can destroy many properties of the clothing.
  • Never use a dryer as it will wear down the fabric.
  • Also never use an iron. As such, hunting clothing doesn’t wrinkle. But if it does, iron them with the least temperature possible so as to prevent damage.

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