Boat Insurance in Spain – Essential and Beneficial

Spain is a wonderful country for a marine adventurer with beautiful coasts, ocean, islands and all the marine fun you can have. However if you are planning to put your boat or yacht in Spanish waters, be careful! There are lots of rules and regulations to follow and most important of them is boat insurance. Boat insurance in Spain has been made so strict because the traffic of boats in these waters has increased tremendously in the last decade. Eventually accidents and injuries too are on rise, and so the government has made it compulsory for pleasure boats to have third party liability insurance while sailing in Spanish waters.

Obviously it is an offense if you don’t have minimum third party liability insurance while operating a vessel along Spanish coasts. Many marinas won’t even let you moor your boat without the insurance. Worst even – if you are caught by the Guardia Civil with not having the necessary paperwork including the insurance, they have the right to seize and confiscate your vessel.

Boats Included

All boats, motor yachts, motorsailers, jet skis, jet bikes, charter boats and sailing yachts more than 6 meters should have the insurance.

Lower and Higher Limits

The lower limit of indemnity is 336,566, 78 Euros (240,000 Sterling). Higher limits are also available.

What it Covers?

The insurance should cover third party injury, material harm and any eventual financial losses suffered.


All vessels should carry proof of third party liability insurance with the lowest limits of indemnity. Generally this is provided by way of a certificate of insurance (having Spanish flags from outside in case of vessels) or the policy schedule and proofs of payment in case of Spanish flagged vessels.

Comprehensive Insurance

Though it is only necessary that the boat should have third party liability insurance legally, most of the vessel owners opt for comprehensive insurance to get cover for the hull and machinery. A comprehensive boat insurance policy can give you an extensive coverage like for:

  • Damage to the motor, hull or sails
  • Accessories and personal effects
  • Removal of debris
  • Damage caused in coastal regattas
  • Damage due to pollution
  • Trailers
  • Nautical assistance
  • Damage caused while loading and unloading during land transport
  • Accidents to skipper, water skiers or passengers

Thus taking out a boat insurance policy while sailing in Spanish waters is beneficial to you in order to have maximum enjoyment of your adventure.

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