What to Carry for a Romantic Camping Trip?

If you want a true romance involved in your love life, there is nothing like going on a romantic camping trip! A secluded camp in the tranquil natural ambiance is a real way to come together without any disturbance. There are no other hotel guests and staff around and you have an absolute privacy with your partner. However it is also important to take all the essentials with you when you are totally on your own, whereby you feel scarcity of nothing and your romance keeps on blooming at every moment. Let’s have a look at a romantic camping packing list.


First of all, where are you going? This is important to consider because many campsites are so popular that advance booking is needed to ensure your entry there. It should not happen that your romantic mood spoils just at the very first step because there is no space available. Therefore inquire if the campsite you have chosen needs advance booking or not. And perhaps more important is to ensure if you are really going to get enough privacy there. The location should be such that you will get some isolation from other campers. Choose a campsite with this point primarily in mind and then check if you need advance booking.


When are you going? Spring or summer is ideal season for a romantic trip, as there is pleasant warm weather, with flowers, birds and butterflies around, and Nature is at Her best. It’s true that when you two are with each other, you need nothing else; however, when you are in a superb ambience, full of Nature’s fragrances and melodies, unforgettable memories are created which you love to treasure.


Considering weather of the campsite is very important and keeping a track with it until you leave for your trip is necessary. You should pack enough warm clothes if the weather becomes chillier than expected and tarps if rain is predicted.

Food and Water

Even if you are on a romantic trip, you can’t live without food, can you? So, you should bring food essentially; but divide food into three categories. First category is of fresh, perishable items that you will eat immediately after reaching the site. These should be finished in maximum 2 days. Second category is of non-perishable foods which will last throughout your trip. And third category is of raw food, which you can cook on the site itself, if you wish to. Inquire if the site has good drinking water and if it hasn’t, you have to bring enough drinking water too. Alternatively you can bring water purification tablets.

Personal Belongings

You have planned a romantic trip to keep your love life fresh and so, this trip should be totally relaxing and pleasurable for you and your partner. Consider his/her choice and choose your personal belongings accordingly. Carry clothes, makeup, perfumes, shoes, jewelry etc which your partner loves the most. This is applicable to both genders.


You are embarking upon a love trip; see to it that you face minimum stress and maximum relaxation. Pack your things neatly so that you will find everything in place when needed. Pack heavy items in large containers and light items in smaller handbags. Pack loose foods in Ziploc bags and food cans in sealed containers. Combustible items like lighters, matchboxes, etc should be kept separately to ensure safety.


Where and how will you stay? You can choose various types of recreational vehicles, like truck campers, popup campers, motor homes or travel trailers. Or if you want a more rustic experience staying truly on Nature’s lap, you can choose to stay in a cabin or tent. Some people even go further to sleep in sleeping bags! Well, if you want it, you can do that too. Another important thing is to carry a lot of firewood, tripod, flashlights and battery-operated lanterns if the site has no electricity, where the first two will be helpful for cooking food, while the later ones will cast a romantic glow around. You can also carry a foldable table and chairs to take an unforgettable dinner ashore a lake or a river, or amidst towering trees. For a more romantic touch, you can bring beautiful accessories to decorate the table like candles, seashells, and whatever is on your mind. You can even arrange for a music system with CDs of soothing music. And even bringing things like feather down blankets and scented pillows to create a dreamy boudoir is a fantastic idea, isn’t it?

romantic camp dinner


Activities like biking, playing horseshoes, hiking, swimming or fishing become much more enjoyable and romantic when you and your partner do them together. So, don’t forget to plan such activities beforehand and arrange the required equipment, like swimsuits, fishing or hiking gear, or bikes. 

If you carry things on your romantic camping trip with such a deep consideration, you will have a truly relaxing and pleasing holiday with your partner, which will keep the attraction between you kindled always.

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