Great Tips for Sleeping Comfortably in a Tent

One of the most enchanting parts of camping is sleeping in a tent. This is a nice twist to your regular experience of sleeping in a closed bedroom; you are in the company of nature, under starlit sky with cool breezes passing by. While there are extremely comfortable and high quality tents available on the market like NTK Cherokee tent, it also depends on your knowledge of sleeping in a tent that how comfortable you are during your camping expedition. Here are a few tips to make your sleep the most comfortable inside a tent.

Warm Your Sleeping Bag

You might have experienced on a camping morning that it was hard for you to get warmth in your sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are not warm on their own; they get warmth from your body and trap it with their insulation. By trapping warmth around your body and in its insulation, its requirement from you to become warm reduces until equilibrium is achieved.

If you had to struggle to get warmth in a sleeping bag, it could be possibly because you were not adequately warm before getting in. Because you had no enough heat in you, the sleeping bag could take only a little heat from you and so, couldn’t provide you the needed warmth.

A solution to this is getting sufficiently warm before getting inside your sleeping bag. It’s agreed that you may get a shock while getting in the chilly bag; but you will warm up again quickly.


You might have noticed that the walls of your tent beneath your sleeping mat and elsewhere become wet in the morning. This is because of condensation. Just like tents are meant to keep moisture out, any vapor that is created in the night (because you are inside) remains trapped inside and making everything awkwardly wet.

To fix this, tents are provided many vents at different places which you should use to ventilate the tent. For example, the NTK Cherokee tents have the best aeration with complete mesh all over it on the vents, from the main window, thus enabling the tent to breathe.

Keep Your Sleeping Bag Clean

Washing your sleeping bag may be a problem, particularly the down insulated bags because they take quite long to dry and even their insulating abilities may be lost.

To keep the inside of your bag clean for longer, wear a t-shirt and some long johns while sleeping in. For this very reason you should not sleep in the bag without clothes, because sweat builds over time.


In the open field, even though you sleep quietly but someone else far from you is snoring, you can hear it and your sleep may get disturbed. An obvious solution to this is earplugs.

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