Combine Partying with Camping

Long working hours, stressful deadlines and a hectic schedule – this is the story of most of our lives.

Want to breakaway from the monotonous drill? Why not do something adventurous yet not too tiring this weekend? What else can be better than to go camping with your folks this weekend? And to top it all up unwind and de-stress yourself with some yummy food – combine partying with camping!

Cooking your own delicious food while camping is the best way to make fun of your time there and also enjoy some fresh meal under the rustic air.

If you don’t wish to cook while camping or if your camping site is not conducive to cooking, you can always choose to get food that is as good as handmade freshly cooked meal at Aarhus frokostordning.

Additionally below are some food ideas that you can use while camping:

  • Light & Bland – In case you are planning to carry cooked food with you, ensure they are the ones with little amount of spices & ingredients that last long. Food which is overcooked or cooked with complicated methods are difficult to store and there is less chance of such food lasting for long. So try to carry food which is heated only enough.
  • Fruits – As simple as they are to carry, they are equally an essential item of food to be taken along while camping. So without any explanation I suggest you to carry fruits!
  • Barbeque/ Grilled – To spend some fun time camping, carry your grilling sticks with you and some marinated pieces of chicken. There’s sure going to be fire at your camp. So all you have to do is grill your chicken and enjoy some hot meal.
  • Go junk – While it’s a not so healthy option. Junk food like pretzels, funions and potato chips come in handy while camping. So pack in a few.
  • Drinks – Ensure you carry lots and lots of water. While you might carry fruits adding some juices would be a good idea.

Lastly don’t forget to relax, have fun and enjoy your camp food!

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