6 Essentials to Ensure Optimum Camping Fun

Camping is tremendous fun, provided you are well-equipped. After all, you go out in the wilderness, have to face harsh elements and probably there is no human nearby to help you when you are in a difficult situation. In such a case, you should take all necessary things while planning to have fun. Here are some such essentials.

1. Tent

Tents are available in a tremendous variety of types, shapes, sizes, prices and even colors, e.g. igloo dome tent, hoop tent, A-frame tent, bell tent and more. But if you don’t want to carry the bulk and spend time in pitching the tent on the campsite, consider a bedroll, bivy sack or swag. These are compact, waterproof, frameless shelters that can be set up within no time. If you will be going to a wet jungle terrain, consider a waterproof hammock. Hammocks keep you off the ground and they also come with mosquito nets.

2. Sleeping Bag

A correct sleeping bag is very important to provide you sound sleep after roaming in the wilderness or doing other adventures throughout the day. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the more compact is the sleeping bag. But keep in mind to carry a sleeping mat too; it not only provides you a comfortable sleep, but also provides insulation against the cold ground.

3. Clothing

Don’t forget that you should take light clothes with quick dry, breathable fabric. A waterproof hoodie jacket is the best bet to save you from rains and winds. A microfiber towel also is essential as it is compact, takes in a lot of moisture and dries fast.

4. Water Purifier

Instead of carrying litres of pure water, carrying water purifying tablets is a good idea. You can have both types – killing bacteria and cleaning water.

5. Solar Charger

When you are alone in the jungle and undergo a tough situation like encountering a wild animal, slipping on the ground or falling from a height and getting wounded or face any such problem, you need help for which you should be first connected to the outside world. Therefore don’t forget to take a solar charger with you.

6. First-aid Kit

Your first-aid kit should contain bandages, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory medications, painkillers, dressing, sterile wipes and cold compress packs. A crash course in CPR is also a great before starting your camping trip.

You can even add a great charm to your camping trip by choosing various camping accessories that are available on the market and even having a colorful tent, like a purple tent. But first remember to pack all the above-mentioned necessary things so as to ensure that you can have optimum camping fun.

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