4 Important Tips to Make Your First Camping Experience Delightful and Encouraging

Camping Hiking StickersPlanning your first camping trip and a little bewildered with a thought of whether it will be fine or not? Don’t worry. Follow these tips to make your trip smooth and comfortable to the maximum extent.

1. Tent Tips

If you have planned a camping or hiking trip in which you will stay at night/s, tent will be the focal point of your trip. Therefore, you better practice pitching your tent before starting your trip. Being able to do this quickly and within the shortest time is extremely important. While choosing a spot for the tent, choose a flat ground with soft soil. Always spread a tarp beneath your tent to save it from water-logging or other damage. The spot to pitch your tent should be near trees though not directly below them. This will protect you from missiles like falling branches or large fruits, and debris like bird droppings, but will also provide you shade when the sun will be directly above your head.

2. Learn Using a GPS, Compass and Maps

Prior to leaving for camping or hiking, it’s essential to prepare for your return. You may be very confident about your familiarity with the woods you are going to; but getting lost among a lot of similar-looking trees is not impossible. Therefore learn using the devices to know the directions and make a safe return. Also, tell your dear ones about your whereabouts.

3. Decorate Your Camping Gear

Why shouldn’t be camping beautiful besides being adventurous? You can decorate your tent and other camping gear using various ideas including camping hiking stickers, lanterns, curtains, hammocks and stylish furniture. This will keep your mood elevated, save you from feeling lonely and away from civilization and of course, please your eyes.

4. Essential Items to Bring

Since you will be alone or with only a limited number of people, you should ensure that you will be safe in the wilderness and will return back safely. For this, you’ll have to bring a few essential items with you, including:

  • A tent, sleeping bag and tarp
  • Fire-starting materials, pans, pots and dishes
  • A utility knife and rope
  • Ample water and water-purifying tablets
  • Readily made foods and raw foods that can be easily prepared
  • A cooler in which you can store your perishable food
  • Ample clothing
  • First-aid kit
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Decorating and relaxing items mentioned above
  • Games, puzzles and other activities if you have little campers with you

Follow these tips to make your first camping experience delightful and encouraging!

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