4 Amazing Tips for Camping Beginners

camping skillsSo, you have planned to start some serious camping! That’s a fantastic decision. Camping brings the nature to you or takes you to the nature, makes you active and healthy, offers you a lot of fresh air and delights you. However, if you are not properly prepared, your camping trip may turn into a nightmare. Here are some important tips that will be useful to beginner campers.

1. Don’t Splurge on Fancy Camping Gear

If you think that expensive fancy gear will make your stay in the wilderness comfortable, you may even be wrong. If you are not sure about if the gear is for you, don’t splurge on it. Instead it’s better to ask a friend and borrow a tent from him or rent a tent. Or you can even buy secondhand stuff. In short, unless you gain a good experience of camping and get an idea about which type of gear is good in particular conditions, don’t spend a lot on it.

2. Have a Bigger Tent than You Think You’ll Need

Whether you rent, borrow or buy the tent, make sure that you have it bigger than you think you’ll need. For example, you initially think that a dome tent will be perfect for 4. But when it comes to accommodating the air mattress and other stuff of each member, the tent will be insufficient. Therefore it’s advisable to choose a tent that will be very spacious, especially if you are RV camping or car camping and don’t have to worry about carrying the weight or bulk of the tent. Sleeping on top of each other will surely spoil your camping experience.

3. Learn Camping Skills

Sure, you are in the best health and have extremely up-to-date electronic gadgets including GPS, iPhone and a multipurpose functional app. However, what if you are injured and your batteries die out? In such a situation, you should be well-versed in certain camping skills like building a shelter, starting a fire, finding clean water or purifying water, collecting water, identifying edible plants and fruits, using a compass, navigating at day and night, sending a survival signal and many more. You should learn all these skills and also learn to use all the camping equipment.

4. Nighttime in Wilderness is Colder than You Imagine

If you have ventured out in the hot summer months without any warm clothes thinking that the temperature at the campsite may be high, you may be seriously wrong. Although daytime at the campsite or in the wilderness may be hot or warm, nights are much colder than you can imagine. Therefore you should carry blankets, warm clothes and protection for your hands and feet like gloves and socks, so as to keep yourself warm at night.

Remember these tips and your first camping adventure will be pleasing so that you will feel like doing it frequently.

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