The Toilet Problem – How to Overcome It?

Many people would like to go camping, but never do it, because of one simple reason – the toilet! Although it might seem unbelievable, going to the toilet is one of the biggest obstacles and fears about getting off the beaten track. Women are especially concerned about this issue. If, however, you would like to head outdoors, yet to have at least slightest doubt about the toileting problem, is there a way to overcome it? We’ll try to help you! Before I became a camping freak, I was a five-star hotel sort of person. Not having a toilet nearby was totally not my cup of tea. However, my friends were enthusiasts and they did their best to convince me to join them in a summer camp. I insisted on buying a Porta Pottie, because it was the only thing that could alleviate some stress. Nevertheless, on my 4th camping trip, I realized I don’t need it anymore. Why? I found out that many camping sites have decent toilets and that using drop toilets doesn’t have to be frustrating. Eventually, a drop toilet became an inevitable part of my camping excursions. Still, don’t expect a fast progression to get to this point. If you are not outdoorsy camper by nature, one trip won’t be enough to make one of you!

My advice is to take small camping steps. A caravan park is worth giving a try, since you can set up your camp very close to the toilet. This will be a smooth way to become accustomed to the idea of leaving your accommodation (caravan/tent) to do your business in another place. Or, you can purchase a portable loo, if you don’t have a problem to empty it, though. It can be quite practical, although it’s more recommended for frequent campers or those families with small children.

Anyway, it’s important to realize all the benefits of heading outdoors. Camping in nature has physical, mental and emotional benefits. Also, it’s a very good way to bond with your family members. Would you really give up on all that just because of the toilet issue?

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